Sunday, 10 November 2019

Tatting and Necklaces

Originally I was making these necklaces using just felt, cotton material and felt flowers but then I looked in my tatting stash and decided to use some bits that have been lingering in a box way too long. It makes them now look very unique and interesting and more importantly  the tatting has been put to good use. 

They are going to hopefully be sold at a charity fair next weekend. I am unable to attend,  which in away is a shame especially if any questions are asked about tatting.  Although I have to say after trying to sell so much of my work for decades at fairs and on the whole being disappointed, sort of happy about the situation and if any money is made it is going to a good cause. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

String Thread

That is what it said on the label of this thread which I purchased from Singapore.  The day is a bit dismal so the colour is not very good. But if you were able to look closely in good light then you will see different colours including pink, green blue etc and it does glitter.  Tats as 20 thread. 

The patterns are all Janes, the front two are her newest which you will find on this blog post.   The patterns are not up yet, but will be very soon, just a perk of being a sister sometimes I get to try them out first!

I have been making quite a few of the front right one as it is going to be such a useful snowflake and rather fun to make too! 

Monday, 21 October 2019

More snowflakes

Using the same pattern as in the previous blog post I have been making more snowflakes.  Again winding two threads together.  At the moment have a huge amount of sparkly and plain threads and it is just a matter of getting the size right for each one i.e. using 40 and a sewing thread or two 80s, making sure they are not too large or small.   Have also made some really dainty ones using 60 and a sewing thread, those I think will look good on cards, need to experiment with that idea and then show you.

I have even had a chance to use the thread I purchased in Singapore  (coming up next) . Now sent my son off to look for more!   He asked how many do you want I said every colour! As far as I can remember there were not many colour-ways, his face was a picture as he probably imagined that I was talking about dozens of reels of thread!

Actually it has taken me 10 months to use the thread so told him not to hurry to buy more, that is assuming it is still there, do hope so.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A necklace

I have been making quite a few snow flakes using this pattern over the weeks, it is of course one of Janes.  Someone saw my collection, which is growing and said that it would make a nice necklace.  So here it is and she is now the proud owner.

I wound together the threads below and the effect is quite stunning.  Actually all the snowflakes I have made have been made by using two threads wound together.  Will try and find where I put them to show you! 

Still have not managed to do anything about the shuttles even though they are tested and packaged ready to go - life is too busy!

Friday, 4 October 2019


Here are the latest shuttles to have been made, they are nearing the quality control stage, i.e. I have to test them.  Some are promised to people who have emailed me, just need to see if they are still interested, after such a long wait!  I am afraid 'Im in the Garage' is very slow at making them these days and the cold weather will set in soon so the garage will have to be heated and production even slower. 

At the adult craft sessions I organise one of the materials they use is wood and this is what one of them made using the technique of pyrography.

I must say it is great having such a wide selection of wood around us and even more pleasing when those who are so artistic enhance it with their extraordinary talents.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Crocheted and Knitting

Back in August I finished a crocheted and knitted throw for a futon that was going to be put in a bedroom. Here is the post showing the finished throw. 

At that time the bedroom had not been decorated and was in a complete mess. I am pleased to say it is now finished and the room is lovely to sit and relax in. I use it for watching television, crafting and it also contains the computer which I am using now. 

The cupboard you see on the left of the picture contains my tatting supplies and the box on the right hand shelf holds my collection of tatting shuttles.   Everything is quite neat and tidy at the moment, just hope it keeps that way.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Tiny Star

Really love this little star pattern which can be found on Jane’s pattern page 

I am hoping to use them on small Christmas cards as a decoration. Over the years have accumulated so many plain cards and envelopes and have been meaning to use them, but never quite managed to find something that will work.  Perhaps these stars will, must try them out soon.

Each one has been tatted with two threads wound together, the star on the far right sparkles but unfortunately this does not show up in the picture.