Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bags and Bracelets

I have been given some lovely material, most of which has a nautical theme, so beach bags seem to be the obvious items to make from it.    I really don't get much time to spend on them so it is something I pick up every now and then but really enjoying making something that is big and bold!

And of course I made some more bracelets

Friday, 15 May 2015

A Mahonia

Did you know that Mahonias got their name from an Irish nurseryman, Bernard McMahon, who settled in Philadelphia in the 18th century?  Apparently his business became a centre for American gardeners, where everyone, from Thomas Jefferson downwards, met to mull over the horticultural topics of the day.  McMahon wrote the first book about gardening on American soil, The American Gardener's Calendar, which was a best seller for 50 years.

'Im in the garage' really likes the colour of the Mahonia wood as you can see from these  shuttles,  it is a lovely yellow colour and contrasts well with the ebony and a purple heart shuttles sitting beside it.

This is a Mahonia bush next to one of the churches and this week it got drastically pruned and guess who bought the wood back with them?

You can see the lovely yellow colour already, but of course these pieces need seasoning.

Oh and by the way my spell check wants Mahonia to be Madonna!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Alphabet Bracelets

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of packets of alphabet beads from a supermarket  because they were reduced in price, not by much as they were quite cheap anyway.  Somehow though I could not see them looking so rejected as there were many packets.  Resisting buying too many, mainly because at the time they were just going to be put into my stash, I only came home with two packets.    Amazingly though I have started using them.

The top bracelet I am going to give to my hairdresser and the bottom one is for someone whose birthday I completely forgot in April!   Managed to forget another persons birthday also last month and as her name is June, feel that another one will have to be made before we say goodbye to May, although perhaps I should wait until June!

The main reason for forgetting these birthdays was they were just after Easter and somehow with all the busyness of the season I forgot about them, especially as the people concerned do not live near.

The pattern is of course is Jane's and can be found here.  

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Another necklace

I don't write many blog posts, well not as many as some people, mainly because I simply don't have time.  However, I do manage to keep a certain kind of momentum up by writing five a month.  It will be 1st May tomorrow so I had better hurry up!

This is another necklace taken from Marilee's book 

Nothing else to show you, I even forgot to take a picture of the pop-a-bobbin shuttles which left the house this morning and will be in Stratford-upon-Avon tomorrow.   

Monday, 27 April 2015

Yew to show You

One of our favourite woods is Yew, because it is so rich in colour and usually has an interesting grain.  We were given some yew wood that was already 5 years old, so well seasoned.  'Im in the Gargae' got his chain saw out and cut some pieces off.  It was as hard as iron!

But just look at what has been made from the wood so far.

The top left hand-side one looks a bit like a brain. 

And yes there will be some tatting shuttles made from the rest of the wood.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On a Mission!

Well really I have been on this mission for a very long time now.  My aim is to reduce the stock of variegated thread that I have, this does not include hand dyed thread, that is for special projects.  Strangely enough the variegated thread seems to be going on for ever and ever. These butterflies not only help to use the thread up they also reduce my 'bead soup', of which I have plenty gained from so many spillages!  My aim in all this is to just be surrounded with the the bare essentials -  although I know it will never happen!

And now a real butterfly

Today is the Queen's 89th  birthday and here are some facts you might not know about her 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Barn Owls

As Jane mentioned my name in her blog post today I am delighted to show you my five owls. There would have been six but I gave one to a friend this afternoon who kindly took me out for tea.  This is such a wonderful pattern and I really don't know how Jane can design something as quickly as she does.  

Very often when she starts a design she will scan the different stages and send them to me as she goes along, asking for my opinion.  A lot of pressure there!  One of these little chaps looked as though it was an alien from outer space at one point, a very strange creature. However, the next one that flew over by e.mail was almost the final version with just a little bit of tweaking it became this lovely barn owl.

The reason for wanting a barn owl was that someone who belongs to a golf club asked if I could tat one as a barn owl is the club's logo.   

 Also last week a barn owl box has been made and was  put up in a tree in the village graveyard.  

There is a letter box size opening at the top but I was unable to take a picture of that part of the nesting box.  We are waiting for some occupants now, other than tatted ones!