Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Sadly I only sold one pair of earrings on Saturday at the Christmas Fayre and that was a Christmas wreath pair.  Such a shame as I spent days before the event frantically making square shaped earrings which are now put away in a box, unless I can find people who would like them.  The main problem was that there was poor attendance at the Fayre and those that came were not really interested in purchasing tatted items.

But for a change some of my tatted brooches sold. However, none of the necklaces that I have just made went including this one.  Mind you it looks more like a bridal set than just for every day wear!

Will show you some of the other necklaces soon that I have made using the beads that came from Singapore.  Apart from this one I will probably wear the others myself.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Square beads

I seem to have rather a lot of square beads and had just begun to regret ever buying them, when I came up with the idea of using them for earrings.  Well I actually regret buying an awful lot of what I have got as time goes by.  Like I would suspect all of us, we get an idea into our head run with it and for awhile it is great and then the novelty wears off and we are left with the remnants of that certain craze, be it thread, beads, material, wool whatever.  

I am constantly surprised when seeing the different sizes of earrings that are tatted, some are ginormous and I honestly can't see many people wanting to wear them.   The ones I have made vary in size but I hope will be suitable for most people to wear. 

Over the years I have given away or even sold earrings and my stash is quite low at the moment, there is a Christmas Fayre on Saturday at which I hope to sell some, not many but hopefully enough to warrant making more!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A bit of Sparkle

I am in a jewellery making mood.  This set I made following Jane's Ring of Roses bracelet pattern, using some vintage glass beads for the centres. They really sparkle, but it is difficult to capture on a photograph.

Over the last few years I have found charity shops selling broken necklaces quite cheaply considering that the beads are made of glass 

Some beads are too large and heavy to use for tatting, so one day I may string them up and make a necklace for myself. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Necklace

I really did not make this necklace for Halloween, it just happens to match the season of the year.  Using the beads that my son sent from Singapore it has turned out rather well.

So now of course I am on my next one which will be slightly  different. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rope making machine

This is really one for the children - a machine that twists wool, the end result can be used for necklaces or friendship bracelets.   'Im in the Garage made the gadget and it is guaranteed to entertain the young and the young at heart at fayres or other events where the public are.   

Three strands of wool are put on the loops at the back and the handle is turned at the front so twisting them, whilst they are tied together and stretched out. Then gradually the tension is released the the three strands automatically join together.   The children love turning the handle and marvel at the end result, which you can see on top.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Pearl beads

I have just started to open the pearl beads sent to me from Singapore. Although at the moment a little overwhelmed with them and really need to think  of some new ideas for jewellery.   But here is a simple pair of earrings to start with.  They are resting on top of a pumpkin.

And the wonderful selection of beads  - there are times when you are just spoilt for choice!

Now it is a case of matching them up with the thread that I have -  and to keep tatting!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lego Sewing Machine

My son in Singapore loves playing, or should I say creating things in lego.  We took him to Lego Land in Denmark when he was young and still have his childhood lego some where in the house.    

I asked him if he could make me a sewing machine and today this cute little lego piece arrived.

I am absolutely thrilled with it.  Also in the parcel were many packets of pearl beads, just what I wanted, so I must go and play with them.

Check out some more lego creations on  http://www.musicalbrick.com/   

There are more pop-a-bobbin shuttles and post shuttles being made by 'Im in the garage' and some are even ready for testing so must do that in the next day or so ready for them to travel to Jane's at the weekend.