Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Ornaments

Every time I think about tatting someone else's pattern to cover  Christmas baubles I seem to come back to my own, probably because I know it will fit the ones I already have.   I now have a box full of baubles covered in tatting, sadly that is where they will  remain as there is no Christmas tree in this house to hang them on, next year is the time to have a grand clear out and give them all away.

Another box contains these

And yet another box contains these

There is a final box of baubles but I don't seem to have a picture of them at hand. 
The patterns for the large and very small baubles are on this blog.   I do hope your Christmas Tatting is going well.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Holly Wreaths

Since October I have been steadily making holly wreaths, mainly to give away at Christmas. The pattern that I am using is Sharren Morgan's Merry Wreath  pictured on her blog. She brought the pattern to the Tat Days in 2012.  I had the great pleasure of meeting her there and being in her class.   The main difference between my my holly wreaths and hers is that I put beads around the outside as well as the inside, obviously to represent holly berries and I also tatted a bow. 

I have now made well over 20 of these and used up hundreds of tiny red beads, but fortunately I have a huge packet of them which one of my sons brought make from Asia a couple of years ago, they make excellent berries.   

In this picture is a real piece of holly and it is covered with holly wreaths, including earrings. At the front is Mary Konior's Posy pattern which also has lots of beads added to it. 

Well back to making more as I don't want to find out at the last minute that I have run out!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Winner

Before I announce the winner I would like to thank everyone for entering and writing such lovely comments. Just to explain that I started the count from Stitcherty Grub because Anne above then sent me another comment!  Anne I will take a photo of the stand when the Advent wreath comes off after Christmas.

So the lucky winner is Jenn, who said she would gift it to "the person who taught me how to tat, my cousin".  Please can you e.mail me Jenn on

For those of you who seem to miss the pop-a-bobbin shuttles when they go on sale, there is a chance to bid for two that I have now put on e.bay, they are the old type of shuttles, perfectly usable but the hooks were homemade.  Just look on e.bay UK under Tatting Shuttles.  

This is the purple heart one

Sunday, 30 November 2014

St. Andrews and Advent Giveaway

Today is quite special for many reasons it is Advent Sunday in the Church.  Advent is a term from the Latin word 'adventus' which means "arrival".  It is a time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas and is associated mainly with Advent Calendars and in particular the fun of opening to see what is revealed behind each number!  Whilst in Scotland the people are celebrating St. Andrew's day as he is the Patron Saint of Scotland.  Google has marked the day with a doodle of the Flying Scotsman - the world famous steam locomotive.

However,  here on this blog there is a special giveaway.  Please leave a comment if you would like the chance of winning the shuttle and thread holder (please note this does not include the piece of wood underneath or the foliage), you have until 3rd December when I will announce the winner by using a random number generator.

The shuttle is made out of sequoia,  the tree that the wood comes from stands in front of the church in the village where the Revd Awdry author of Thomas the Tank Engine stories spent his early years, as his father was Vicar of the parish.    The shuttle is varnished and the thread holder is made out of mahogany but has only just been cut out so needs some finishing touches!  The Giveaway is open to everyone across the world but please respect the fact that it is only people who tat that should enter. That is of course, if you win, then the plan to pass the items on to someone else who can tat.  I will also put a few more items in the package before I post to make it more festive.

I do hope those of you in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Here in the UK we were treated (not sure if that is the right word) for the first time in a really big way to Black Friday.  Retailers slashed prices and in some stores there was very little English politeness as fights and scuffles broke out with people trying to get bargains.  It was a day on which to avoid the large supermarkets.

On a calmer note here is the Advent wreath in church ready to be lit this morning.

Good luck everyone 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Beaded Tatting Finery

Which is the title of Marilee"s latest book which Sue Anna kindly gifted me whilst Jane brought it  back from Tat Days to eventually pass on.  I straight away, after only just getting the book into my hands, made the Flower Chain.  However, I added beads to the outside chains, just because I like beads really, for no other reason.   As I  did not have any size 10 thread I used 20 but otherwise stuck to the pattern, promise!   I am very pleased with the result and hope to wear it very soon - yes it is for me.  Fortunately if anyone requests another necklace, I do have enough of the larger beads to make at least one more.  They come from a rather lovely necklace that was in a charity shop, although not my style the beads are of a good quality .

Look out for my next blog post which will include a give-away.  I have been very tempted to join one of the exchanges that have been taking place on the various Facebook groups.  But by offering a give-away it does mean that everyone has a chance to win especially those who do not feel they can afford to take part in an exchange.  Also you may have noticed that 'giveaways' are not so common as they used to be, so to cheer up the dark dreary Winter days why not have a bit of fun!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Bell

Well all the shuttles have been sold and there are only the tree thread holders left in Jane's shop.  The shuttles are now jumping on aeroplanes and travelling all over the world, such a lovely thought and I hope they enjoy their new homes.

Watch out for a give-away which I hope to do soon,  a sort of thank you to all who follow this blog and those who have bought shuttles.

I am trying to get some Christmas tatting done and found this lovely bell from Renulek,  What I did not realise was that by using 20 thread it comes out quite large I also put some sparkly beads on it

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Very Busy!

At the moment the house and garage are in a complete mess as shuttles, tatting and other craft work seem to have invaded every available space.   Another batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles and post shuttles will be on their way to Jane this weekend.   Included in the batch are some flat shuttles and a new thread winder just in time for the festive season. Although the thread winder is a new item and we are not sure if anyone would really want it!

On Saturday there is a Christmas Fayre at one of the churches so I am taking some tatting. I am really not expecting to sell much as these events do not generate much income, but it is a chance to 'show case' my talent (with the usual helpful and unhelpful comments) and get all the items hidden in boxes out to see the light of day!

I have also crocheted these corsages or brooches, which ever you wish to call them, for another stall, well it was much more fun to do than make cakes.  I do love cooking but find that my cakes never look as good as other peoples!

The most annoying part about these Fayres is that you always have bright ideas of what you think might sell at the last minute. Then you proceed to spend precious hours making them only to find that nobody is interested in buying such items!

After this weekend I hope to get the house back to some normality.