Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Crocheting for charity

A colleague of mine who is a Mental Health Chaplain has sent out a request to the church community asking if there are people who could crochet flowers to be made into fridge magnets.    Having already made some crochet brooches I asked her if she would like them too, as they are being sold in aid of a mental health support group.  The group meets in a coffee shop on a Monday afternoon.    I then began to wonder what else would look good crocheted and was quick and easy to make.    I came up with paper clip butterflies which you can see in the picture, only made two so far but plan to make many more.

The other news is that the next batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles will be in Jane's shop tomorrow Wednesday, there is a lovely selection of woods as you can see in this post

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fandango Doily finished

It has taken me weeks to complete this doily because I have had so many other things to do, and sadly not enough time to sit down and tat.   Off to see Jane this week for a few days and need to take some tatting with me, but can't decide what.

My son and his wife from Singapore are also with us at the moment, which is lovely as we rarely see them.    It has also given us an opportunity to visit many interesting places. The weather is at the moment typically 'British' a lot of rain and a little sunshine.    This is what one city did to decorate their shopping area.

It looked fantastic

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pop-a-bobbin shuttles and the Queen's Official Birthday

A new batch of shuttles will soon be on sale.  There has been a long gap since the last ones as 'im in the garage has been making other wooden items.   He has been completing an order from a restaurant who were wanting some very classy cutlery holders to be made, which I am unable to show you just yet.

It is quite an exciting weekend for us in UK as up and down the country people are celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.     However, the typical English weather means that it is now raining in the south of England.    A few days ago it was really sunny and they were putting the finishing touches to this in the city of Bath.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Presentation and Packaging

I think that tatting can be very difficult to display and package especially when trying to sell it, either indoors or outdoors.   Some people have been able to create some exquisite displays and I really admire the thought and care they have put into their presentations.   If you can get it right it means that your tatting will attract customers and make them more likely to buy.

This isn't a particular good photograph, mainly because it is dull and dreary today and pouring with rain, and the packing is catching the little light there is. However,  I am sure you can understand what I am trying to say.  We have to be careful that we show our work to the best advantage, but I must admit this is the bit I find the hardest to do.  Not all my work is neatly put in packages because I either don't have something suitable, or I prefer the customer to actual pick it up and look at the craftsmanship before they decide to buy.  

So if anyone has any bright ideas how they present or package their tatting please share.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


I needed to tat things that are quick and easy, and could be classed as no-brainers! The reason being that I am finding it very hard to concentrate on the doily pattern,  but must get back to it some time.  So I made some brooches which will go to a Summer Fete to be sold (well possibly) next weekend.

I plan to make a few more because after finishing each one I do not necessary like it and want to make a prettier brooch.  The pattern I am using is this one , and with adding lots of beads and a large bead in the middle they look quite good.    I am trying to think of the colours people will like but not actually sure I have chosen the right ones, so more are going to have to be made!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Another round

I have been unable to make progress with the patchwork that I showed you on my previous post,  mainly because of other commitments. I also really wanted to finish this doily, just one more round and it will be completed.

The doily still just about fits on the scanner but obviously will not after the next round!  

My other project at the moment is making brooches to hopefully sell at a Summer Fete in a few weeks time.   However, time is running out and I really need to prepare for our visitors in June, which obviously means some tidying up needs to be done, especially the tatting area!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Patchwork revisited

So many of us have different crafts that invade our lives from time to time pushing away tatting for a short while.    I came away from my visit with Jane the other week with some material. This was the kind of material she could not use because the colours were not good or the patterns too large.   Fortunately I love the browns and dark bold colours so was pleased to come home with some African fabric.    Almost immediately I made a top, and the off cuts will go towards a patchwork hanging I started about 10 years ago!

This is a patchwork hanging I must have made about 15 years ago and is beginning to look a bit faded, it is mainly African fabric and hangs over an ugly electric meter in the hall way.

Work in progress, rather creased as it has been put away for 10 years

With several tatting projects on the go I think there is enough to keep me busy!