Friday, 27 February 2015

Scarf Trim

Another project I started almost exactly a year ago was a tatted trim for this scarf.   I never finished it at the time because I ran out of the big brown beads. When eventually I got some more beads to complete the project, interest of course was lost, together with the scarf!!

So instead of a fringe this long scarf has a rather smart tatted trim.  

Today was a bright and sunny day and I was really surprised to see the bits of the Cedar Tree that had been damaged in the storm had been chopped up.  

 Such an amazing amount of wood and so we are going to collect a few more logs tomorrow morning.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Tatting embelishments

I managed to finish the bag which is embellished with tatting in the form of a braid.  Here is another picture of it.  Must say I am quite pleased with the result and the fact that there is at least one less 'work in progress' in the house now!

And a close-up of the braid/tatting

I used two threads together to make it more interesting.  Then tatted one row of chains with picots and the second row joined on to the first row as I went along, not pulling it too tight but keeping it firm.   Simple but very effective. 

Here is another fun way of using tatting as an embellishment

Saturday, 21 February 2015


I was meant to tell you either yesterday or first thing this morning that more shuttles would be on sale in Jane's Etsy shop, unfortunately life took over and I did not get around to writing a blog post until now.  However, it really wasn't necessary as the shuttles sold extremely fast .  After I heard the news I went into the garage to tell the 'shuttle maker',  and then we looked at the blocks of wood on the shelves trying to decide which should come down to the work bench in order to make the next batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles. 

About five years ago I purchased some tiny cards and envelopes and they have been very useful for putting the odd bit of tatting on, but I still have about 30 of them left and it seems pointless keeping all of them for the next five years   So I am making these tatted crosses and sticking them on the cards, some I will give away at Easter whilst others will be sold. 

Here they are on the cards, all packaged up

And the pattern is here,  designed by Jane, it is definitely one of my favourites, quick and very elegant. Named after Iona which is small island off the coast of Scotland and famous for its religious community

I have three copies of this book, a bit of a long story to explain why! But if anyone would like one I am happy to post it to them, however I would ask that the postage is paid as
it is fairly heavy. The book gives the history of the island and has some amazing photographs. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Masquerade Runner again!

I finished as much as I wanted to do of the Masquerade runner, the final few squares were a real struggle to tat as I had lost complete interest in the project.   Also I am not completely happy with the end result and  it may need a tatted border around it to enhance the piece.  I was thrilled though to see that it went with the cushion that will be fairly near the finished runner, that is if I decide it should be on display.  So should I give it an orange border as depicted in the cushion or the dark blue? Decisions are awful to make but I think on this one it is going to be a matter of trial and error!

There has been a lot of activity in the garage of late making items to sell to help pay for the fallen Cedar Tree.  A  new line came into being this weekend, a holding cross made with wood taken from a Wellingtonia Tree (Sequoia) which stands at the gate of the church.

These crosses are very tactile as you can hold them in the palm of your hand and even put them in your pocket as they are only three inches tall.

Monday, 9 February 2015

My shuttle

More shuttles will be in Jane's shop sometime Saturday, not sure when, you will have to be very vigilant and watch Jane's Etsy shop.  This time there will be post and pop-a-bobbin for sale made out of some very unusual wood.  However, one got left behind because I took a fancy to it.  The photograph does not do it justice but the wood is pink ivory and so it has a pink tinge to it.

I only just managed to make time to join in with Jane's TIAS and here are my scissors.  I do confess that I did know what the end result was going to be right from the beginning, the pink pair were made before the game started, but it was fun watching everyone else guess.

I love this pattern and can see me tatting it again and again, many thanks 'big sister'!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shuttles and Doves

Some more post and pop-a-bobbin shuttles have been made and will be on their way to Jane within the next couple of weeks.   Please don't ask me which woods are shown in the picture because I put them back in the basket with all the rest and now can't identify which ones they were! When they are packaged by 'Im in the garage' the labels will be on them.

Thank you to all who have expressed a wish to buy a dove made from the Cedar tree.   Sadly there are no more doves until the wood taken from the storm damage is seasoned as we had very little left from the original piece, and the ones that were made went very quickly. However, plenty of doves will be available in the future and I can post them to wherever you are in the world.  Each will come with this card and also numbered. 

Last night I was delighted to hear that when the wood from the Cedar tree is cut by a professional firm they will not be taking the logs away, which means the wood will be available for anyone who wants it, so you can guess who will be first in the queue. Somehow I can see our garden being turned into a timber yard during the next few months!  

At the moment I have about three tatting projects on the go and there is little chance that anyone of them will be completed in the next week or so.   Today though I did manage to catch up with Jane's TIAS

Monday, 26 January 2015

Cedar tree and Masquerade

I am still working on the Masquerade pattern and intend to introduce some more colours before it is finished.

The dove that is sitting on the piece of tatting is made from wood that has come from a Lebanese Cedar tree next to a church.  About 6 years ago some branches were taken down as they were hanging very near to a stained glass window and we are now making doves from this wood to sell for badly needed church funds. This is the same church that has the door handle you very cleverly dated for me.

The reason that funds are needed is because one night very recently there was a storm and two huge branches came crashing down taking with them some more trees and as they fell to the ground they damaged  grave stones. There must have been such a noise when this happened but thankfully no one was around.

Fortunately it missed the church and the beautiful stained glass window but has caused massive damage which will cost a lot to repair.

This cedar tree has stood in this spot for many years and was there when the Rev Awdry, author of the Thomas the Tank Engine books was born in the village and he probably used to play around this tree.

We have managed to collect some wood and it is seasoning at the moment and hopefully in about a years time it will be turned into more doves and of course shuttles.