Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dowel Cutter

This is how the little plugs which go inside the popabobbin shuttles are made.  What you see is a Stanley No 77 and we purchased it on e.bay from someone in the USA very soon after the shuttles became popular.  These dowel cutters stopped being made in 1969 so it is a vintage piece of equipment.  As you can imagine it was quite expensive to buy especially after paying import duty.   We have also managed to get extra cutters for it so that other sizes of rods can be produced.

When the shuttles were first made we bought long lengths of doweling rod or tried to make the little plugs by hand for the different woods.   But this 'old lady' is doing us proud and makes them just the right size.  The handle is unattached at the moment as it is not in use and sits behind the lathe.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this on Tim's post, perhaps we should make green shuttles to match!  Very clever Tim and it means you will never loose them as they are so bright.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

St George's Day-

Today we are celebrating St. George's Day the Patron Saint of England and of Scouting. This afternoon there was a parade in Romsey, a town about 3 miles away from where I live with the uniformed organisations taking part. Fortunately it was a lovely sunny day, so the children did not get cold.  

To mark the event with a piece of tatting, this is the St. George's flag.  We mainly see a lot more of this flag when the English football team are playing, otherwise it is the Union Jack, the British flag, that is more likely to be flown. The central part of the Union Jack is the red cross of St. George.  

Some of our churches fly flags and here is a picture of one just about to be hoisted.

The tatted flag pattern can be found here, 
And of course today is also Shakespeare's birthday.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

A couple of Easter Eggs

The last few weeks have raced by and my busyness has meant very little time for any tatting.  Over the last few month I have also started a few other craft projects, which have sadly had to be put on hold.   I managed to tat these Easter Eggs very quickly in the last few days. They have now been given to friends, the pattern is on the side of my blog

Both are tatted using two threads size 80

I love the effect the combination of the threads give

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Something different

Recently I have seen some lovely tatted trees on a tatted facebook page, no idea where the pattern has come from but they look so effective.  Many years ago, before the internet,  I borrowed Lindsay's Tatting Collage book from the library but never actually managed to tat anything from it, time and energy were then the overriding factor!  I have since purchased the book, but mainly for reference and ideas.

Whilst looking through an old Ring of Tatters book I found another tree and decided to have ago at tatting it with some adaptations.  Unfortunately it did not turn out quite right, unless you look at it as a wind blown tree!

I am going to have another go but this is what the original design looked like, my idea was to make it more interesting but got lost on the way!

I am now working on another tree and if successful would like to use it in a tatting collage, but that idea may never come to fruition, as I do not have much confidence in my ability to succeed!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tatting Day Out

Last Friday I went to see Jane to deliver some tatting shuttles and the next day she took me to a village in Gloucester called Churchdown, where we joined a group who had come together to tat.    It was fun to be with others and spend the day tatting and nattering.

A display of people's work was put on tables, there were some lovely tatted pieces to delight us all.

I hope to join them next year if my big sister will take me again!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is it worth continuing?

So I have now tatted six kaleidoscopes and joined them together, and was quite happy with the effect until I almost finished and noticed that the work was not lying very well.  By the time I had joined the last one my disappointment was quite marked.  However, after damping and pressing it does not look too bad.  My aim was to continue with more kaleidoscope motifs using a plain colour edged with black and placing them in-between these, but really don't know whether it is going to be worth the effort.  

May be I will tat something else and come back to it or just put it away in the cupboard!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ice Drop Pendant

After seeing so many ice-drops on tatting blogs I did not quite understand how they were made until I saw that Bernice had a link to Diane's pattern and so decided to have a quick go and make one myself.  There were also some handy suggestions about useful items to tat around. This is my first and only ice-drop, so far!  I might do more, who knows?

Over 10 years ago I bought these vintage chandelier glass drops and was at the time attracted by their colour and shape, but have never really put them to good use.    I suppose I could have used a more interesting thread to tat around them but did not want to distract from the beauty of the glass.

So now, at last, I have a wearable item from this vintage glass after learning how to make an ice-drop, thank you Diane for starting this craze.  

Sunday, 12 March 2017

e.bay win

I won this little lot, and no one placed a bid other than me, which was kind of a surprise, where were you tatting people?  I know that it can become expensive when posting to other countries but I was surprised that no one in the UK wanted them.

So there are two books and five shuttles, a strange selection of thread and some absolutely ancient pieces of tatting.   It always makes me wonder about the history of such items. However, I looked at the seller and it seems that she is one of those people who specialises in selling lace, embroidery etc and so would have possibly got them from another source other than from family or friends.   I paid £6.99 plus postage and was rather pleased with the purchase.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Winner!

Many thanks to all who entered this little competition, it was so good to hear from people who had never commented before and equally nice to hear from the regulars.   Four of you were correct, and although there was a bit of confusion as to when the shuttles started to be made, I really was looking for their introduction date when they were named as pop-a-bobbin which was 2010, some of you gave that along with the initial work on them in 2009.  
The number of different woods in the picture were 9.

So to make this as fair as possible I wrote the names and numbers on a piece of paper scanned the numbers only and e.mailed them to Jane, she then picked one of the numbers.

She picked number 4 

Which is


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Another Chance!

Thanks to those who tried to guess the answer to my questions in the previous post which happened to be the 500th.  Unfortunately none of you were correct, which is such a shame. So if you would like another chance of winning the few items I have put together below       ( there could be more) then please have a go.  The thread is Lizbeth cotton candy and I thought it matched the beads so well.   The items are lying on a very pretty tea towel with a cupcake on - which has these words written on it 'Good things come to those who bake'

If there are two or more correct answers then I will put your names on a piece of paper and draw the winner out.

You have up until the 3rd March and I will announce the winner on 4th March. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

More Shuttles

This is my 500th post, and I know that many of you in the 'blogging world' have achieved a lot more posts than this, but it is a milestone for me, and I aim to continue to annoy you on a regular basis!

More pop-a-bobbin shuttles will be on sale in Jane's Etsy shop tomorrow afternoon, so if you would like to buy one I suggest you go over there without delay.

In the meantime can you tell me how many different woods are in this shuttle display and what year was it they started to be made?

Sunday, 19 February 2017


I was fortunate to buy one of Pam Palmer's books from e.bay a few years ago, this one is called Tatting Treats, however the only pattern I have tried so for is Kaleidoscope.  It rather reminds me of a stained glass window.
I have a few plans for this motif and hope it works out.  

My next blog post with be the 500th one and I have just had a quick look back over the years, it is amazing how much tatting I've done over that time. 

Thank you to all of you who have journeyed with me since then.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Love of Beads Tatted Heart

Okay so it is Valentine's Day and what a perfect time to show you this poor heart that has spent over four years of it's life uncompleted hidden in the bag below.    I dragged it out last week just as I came down with a cold to end or colds.  So after a couple of days to recover, I picked up this ancient piece of tatting again and It is now finished!

The pattern is one of Martha Ess's and it was in her class at Tat Days in 2012 that I started it.   I can remember making a really bad start and from then on became very disinterested and disillusioned with the whole project.  

With the release from their prison, one shuttle has already gone missing, its obviously glad to be set free and both, when I find the other one, are going to be so useful for projects with lots of beads.   The little bag is so cute too.   

I now feel a massive sense of accomplishment!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Cherry Plum

Some more pop-a-bobbins have just been finished and are ready for their final testing.
Amongst them is this little beauty which I have now claimed as my own.  The wood is from a Cherry Plum tree.

I rarely take one out of the batch but could not resist the markings on this shuttle.  

We have had a lot of frosty mornings over the past month but no snow, well one or two flakes have fallen from the sky but if you blinked you would have missed them.

Here is a rather strange cobweb which I photographed about a week ago.  It was in a hedge outside my office.  It looks rather like a ghost, or may be lots of tangled tatting threads!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Four Bookmarks

I have had these Lizbeth variegated threads for many years now and can remember so well when I first saw them on the internet and was so thrilled especially as all the lovely colours seemed to jump out at me.   Sadly now that I am used to them there is not the same reaction and its often difficult to find a pattern that will show them up to the best advantage.  However, as I tat these bookmarks I can feel a bit of that old thrill coming back again.

Of course people who have never seen the threads or tatting before are usually very surprised at all the lovely colours.

There is one question that I wonder if any of you can answer, especially those who live in the USA. Do you know how these brands of threads acquired their name 'Lizbeth' could it be that they were named after someone called Elizabeth?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Button Brooches

Tatting these brooches is one of my favourite projects, because not only are they fun and use buttons and beads but also there is actually a demand for them, which means I don't have to stock pile as many as other things I make. 

I use Jane's pattern which can be found here, but do not put the extra dangle bit on as that would not fit the packaging I have for them.

Another great advantage is that I can make one in an evening whilst watching television  without having to follow a pattern, for it has become well memorised!  

Thursday, 19 January 2017

It is only a Tatting Book

Well you would think that most Tatting Books are not really worth getting excited about especially ones that were written a long time ago.  However, there is one book that seems to get everyone excited and I must admit it was on my list to buy one day if a copy ever became available.  The book is called 'A New Look in Tatting' written by E.A. Nicholls and published in 1959.  And so here is my very own copy.

I won it on e.bay last week, quite unexpectedly, yes that is the truth.  Six days prior to winning it I put a bid on the book, not knowing that Jane had also bid for it to bump the price up.  She knew it was a much sort after in the 'tatting world' and wanted it to go for a fair price.  But then for some reason I completely forgot about it didn't even go back to e.bay to see what was happening.  It was only when my husband shouts up to me from downstairs that mine was the highest bid and I had won something, that I remembered.   The description on e.bay said that there was possibly a page missing, but I am sure there isn't, it is in a very good condition, obviously a little wear and tear but at least the pages are intact.  These are two of the colour plates. 

They are so pretty and almost jump out of the page at you

Oh yes and how much did I pay?   £11.50.  I just can't believe my good fortune and know that the book is in grateful hands. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Troll Dolls

On first seeing the Troll Doll pattern in Martha's book I was immediately transported back to the 1980s, a time when Trolls were very much in fashion.  They seem to have made a bit of a come back since the film Trolls was made last year,  but not as much as in the past. The reason is possibly because there are so many others toys and characters to compete with these days and the film Frozen had a great following.  Here are my two troll dolls, they were such fun to make, thank you Martha.

I found these two trolls which are really pen tops, they must be at least 30 years old, I seem to remember they came free with breakfast cereal but not absolutely sure about that.

From searching on the internet the story is that Troll Dolls were originally created in 1959 by a Danish fisherman and woodcutter called Thomas Dam.   Dam could not afford a Christmas gift for his young daughter Lila and carved the doll from his imagination. Other children in the Danish town of Gjøl saw the troll doll and wanted one.   So from wood they have can now be made from thread, how clever is that?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Three Ducks

We are now into the second week of the New Year and at last I am finding time to do some tatting, which is a real treat.   So I picked up Martha Ess's book Toys for Tatting and have chosen the quickest and easiest pattern the Rubber Duckies.   Aren't they cute?   I had such fun making them as her patterns are so easy to follow that I could go on making them forever, but there isn't much call for ducks unless I can find something to sew them onto.

As you can see there are two sizes, these are tatted in some old Coats 20 thread so they have come out a little larger than if I had used Lizbeth thread.

I know which pattern I am going to try next, but I am not working through the book, there are other tatting projects to explore and have discovered that it is not good to be tied down to one book!