Friday, 19 June 2009

Friendship Bracelets

When I was looking through my odd bits of tatting, which everyone seems to call "stash", I found this bracelet which Jane helped me to tat using four shuttles quite a few years ago now. This was my first attempt, and it's far from perfect, but I vowed to have another go sometime, famous last words! Only this piece ended up in the stash still with the safety pin on! So a few days ago I released it and finally put the findings on it. I might now be inspired to make another one!

On the lucet is another friendship bracelet, Jane and I found a lonely unloved lucet in the shop by the tip sometime ago. I have now had a few more cut out so that they can be sold at the Summer Fayre next month. In the meantime I thought I would see how easy the bracelets are to make. The Lucet is a little different from the one on Ladytats blog which she showed in May, but it's the same principle, however, I'm not interested in pursing this craft, tatting is far more fun!


  1. That friendship bracelet made of tatting is very cool! :)

  2. I found a Lucet too, a few years ago, at an "antique" Sale; I've never been able to work it out! They're such tactile little tools, aren't they - I had to buy it!

  3. heheheh....I must be YOUR sister too! I started one of Jane's 4 shuttle bracelets several years ago while traveling to Ireland, got halfway done and don't even know where it is now. I had some beautiful blending filaments in it that made it all sparkly....not even sure I could find all the thread combinations now, but I do want to have another go at the bracelet.

    Lucets make good cording and they are sort of mindless to use for that purpose - a good soother if you're stressed. But it takes me forever to figure out how to get started since I never use it!

  4. Sounds like Lucets are meant to be found Maureen, but as yours in antique, hang on to it! Well Gina what a coincidence, maybe we should both have another go at the bracelet, what do you think TattingChic?


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