Monday, 1 March 2010

Seahorses and Bertie Beaver

I think seahorses are fascinating especially the way they glide through the water, mystic beautiful creatures. But did you know they are the only species in which males truly become pregnant? Well there is an amazing fact! How many times have you heard it said "if men could have babies the world's population would decline?"

These two are now on their journey to Canada, not swimming but in an envelope with an airmail sticker. They are being sent as a way of a thank you to two people who I met from Canada in January. Robin and her daughter Hayley. They both helped find and then order for me an adult beaver costume, which arrived so quickly, it was ordered on a Monday and the parcel arrived on the Thursday! Which could be faster than a tatting shuttle!? Hayley is very fond of sea horses hence the reason why I am sending them. Also in the envelope is of course a tatted Robin for Robin!
The pattern for these dear little seahorses is here on Jane's pattern page.

This is the beaver costume, the one I was carrying the other week, mentioned in this post, and no its not me inside it - I promise! Bertie was invested as a Beaver Scout on Saturday, as you can see he has his own neckerchief and woggle. Beaver Scouts are the youngest members of the Scout organisation they start at six then on reaching the age of eight they can join the Cubs. We had a party on Saturday and 125 Beaver Scouts attended. The noise level was rather high with this amount of excited children and so yesterday it was good to be in a quiet church instead of trying to raise my voice above so many children.

I took a picture of the three different woods now being worked on by "im in the garage" coco bola rosewood, ebony and purple heart. They are actually a bit further on in the shuttle making process but I just had to take this photograph to show you how lovely the wood is. Are you drooling over them? Can you imagine holding them in your hands?!

After reading about how all you folks in Canada have been following the Winter Olympics I thought I would just show you the mittens brought over by Robin and Hayley in January, they are not mine - they are Robins!!! (Robin's English uncle also called Robin)

I must admit I didn't watch any of the Winter Olympics, except for the highlights on the news. So now that they are ended, all of you who have been focused on them will have more time to tat, but then again you must be able to tat and watch television?

And finally Happy St. David's Day to all thoses in Wales.


  1. I'm drooling over those beautiful woods. 'im in the garage does fine work. And the seahorses are darling.

    The Olympics are awesome! So sorry you missed them. And last night - giant beavers!!!!!

  2. ohhhhh man. those woods do have my drooling ALOT!! Hey if there are ever any boo boo's on any shuttles I would GLADLY take them off your hands HA HA only kidding I am eagerly awaiting mine to arrive and I really love that coco bola rose wood so pretty...
    I didnt watch the olympics I am not into sitting down for that sort of thing
    Great Job on the shuttles :)

  3. Oh, the woods are LOVELY. I've changed my mind again. I'll have a rosewood and a purple and an ebony and a ............
    I bet it was hot in the beaver costume!!!

  4. Woooooooow those wood colours. You know it is teasing me. Maybe I shouldn't have a look at your blog. I wil put the shuttles on my list for what I want to have for my birthday. Your big sister told me I can say to my youngest son that I have a birthday every month or every week. He has my list with the things I like. But I think he doesn't think in the way your big sister thinks. He has more brain cells than three. But that black wood I like it. Is it not difficult to work with I thought my daddy told me that there is a kind of wood that is so hard and strong that it sinks in water It was ebony as far as I remember.
    OK I have to be a good girl and save first and than buy. I hope to buy an ebony shuttle.

  5. What a lot happening in your post today! Our youngest scouts are called "Joey scouts", but I don't think they wear kangaroo suits. The only thing I was thinking is that the little beaver's mother wouldn't have been able to take pictures of the important event!
    I wonder if that is my ebony shuttle in the picture.....

  6. Your seahorse are lovely! I must say I am intreged at the Beaver costume.

    Oh my more lovely woods, my husband needs to get better so he can go back to work! Tulip wood is my favorite wood, any of that out there in shuttle making land?

  7. Oh Sally they are lovely! Cannot wait to see the finished products:-) I think I will have to add rosewood to my list too....ah if only money really did grow on trees:-) By the way, I have posted a review of your shuttle, along with a bit of tatting I have done with it if you'd care to see just check my blog.

  8. I was browsing a children's book on fishes these 2 days, and reading about the male seahorse getting pregnant when I read this same thing on your post! I love seahorses too, and happen to be playing around tatting it on the paperclip for the Shuttlebirds Tatting Day. Hope it will work. Yours and Jane's beautiful seahorses will be an inspiration : )

  9. That would be ME in that beaver costume if given the chance!!! I like kids and that is just another way to entertain them. Sometimes I can be scary LOL!

  10. Ohh Crazy Mum a giant Beaver! Much bigger than Bertie thanks for showing him - Well hopefully will watch the Olympics when they are on home ground in 2012!
    Hi Heather, yes the woods are lovely and its great watching them take shape, looking forward to eventually owning one myself!
    Yes Jane the Beaver Costume was very hot to wear, but the Scout who wore it would not take it off!
    Sorry Riet I am a tease showing everyone the woods! Good idea to have a birthday every month, trust Jane to think of that!!
    My life is extremely busy at the moment Maureen hence a lot in the post, also with the shuttle making going on there isn't time to take breath in this house! Now it could be your ebony shuttle in the picture!
    Hi Bonnie - the seashorse pattern is quick easy and very effective, another clever pattern from Jane. Oh and yes we do have Tulip Wood in the collection.
    Hi Dale, in a mo will pop over to your blog. But yes the rosewood is a really beauty.
    Hi singtatter - well what a coincedence regarding the seahorse, I was surprised that no one commented about men having babies!!! Look forward to seeing your seahorses on paperclips.
    Well Mark you would have been most welcome to wear the costume, the children were thrilled with Bertie and they had a great afternoon filled with fun and games and a magic show!!! You Scary - NO WAY!

  11. Those mittens are cool looking.

    I just told Jane I want a shuttle in the pink wood and a shuttle in the black (ebony). I think they would make a lovely pair and easy to tell apart for 2 shuttle tatting!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  12. Agree TattingChic, the pink and the black will look fantastic together and such a cool way of telling which shuttle you should be using! Can't wait to see them finished

  13. What a lovely seahorses! And I love the wooden shuttles (I love wood and I love tatting - golden combination!)


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