Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dagger Heart

Thank you to Vicki for this lovely pattern - just added a few beads!


They work well as pendants, although what you cannot see is that I have not finished off the ends of the ribbons, need to get some findings.

The photographs were taken with them resting on a piece of rough glass found in a garden in Ireland, it was originally from the famous Waterford Glass factory and probably dates from the 1960s.  This piece is scratched and a bit worse for wear but it has character and although it did not end up as a beautiful item of exquisite cut glass, it was rescued and given a new home and still admired even in its rough and ready state.

                                                      "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"


  1. Those are so pretty. Love the glass too. What a terrific find and you didn't even have to go to Specsavers either!!!!

  2. My first thought was "don't let Fox see those beads!" The dagger heart is beautiful and WHAT a lucky find - a piece of discarded Waterford!
    I refused point blank to replace my Waterford sherry glass when it broke, I was too terrified of it happening again. I do miss it though.

  3. Your hearts are splendid. I like the beads added to the top long chains...very nice!
    Fox : )

  4. You're right the heart is a really nice pendant! I gotta ask where did you get the grey thread?

  5. Hi Maureen, we were fortunate to be told that there might possibly be Waterford glass in this garden as the person who used to live in the cottage used to work there. It took a bit of finding though!
    Hi Fox just seen your dagger heart - will come over to yours.
    Hi Vicki - pleased you like your pattern as a pendant, the grey is an old Coats thread which I won on e.bay

  6. You've had fun with this pattern too! Lovely pendants!


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