Thursday 9 February 2012

Button Necklace and Font

I made quite a few button necklaces before Christmas and have either sold them or given them away. So more are now in the process of being tatted so that there will be a variety to offer, should there be a sudden demand.  Having attempted designing my own tatting patterns I have never actually seen any of those I have published on this blog ever tatted by anyone else.  This must because either my patterns are hard to follow or they do not appeal to other people, I am not disappointed though as I continue to use them and enjoy them.

The font is now finished, it is made out of oak, and the wood comes from a plinth that was underneath the altar of this church, it is covered by a red carpet in the picture.   The plinth was removed last year and most of it was found to be solid oak.  The knob on the lid is made from an old piece of wooden furniture that belonged to 'Im in the Garage's' grandfather, the same person that taught him to work with wood. The cross is made out of the wood that had to be removed from the porch of the same church and be replaced with new wood.

At the moment the font is still in our home as it is not being dedicated by the bishop until next month when he is also visiting the parish to dedicate a new stained window at the church from which this wood has come from. The font is replacing a stone one which is a little unsteady and so is going to be removed from the church.  We have saved a little of this oak to make pop-a-bobbin shuttles with, and estimate that the plinth must have been in the church for at least 100 yrs,  so they will be very holy ones!


  1. Beautiful - really beautiful.

  2. ...and the necklace is lovely, too!!!
    Fox : )

  3. Hi Sally

    What a very talented couple you are!

    I think your necklace is very attractive. Perhaps your DH would fashion some wooden buttons for your next one?

    I love the finished font, very graceful design. I'm looking forward to seeing the new font in front of the stained glass window once the dedication has happened.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, my GOSH, that necklace zings. It's gorgeous. Interesting about the font - hope you'll write it down in the church records somewhere for posterity.

  5. Wow, it looks great! I love the colours!

    The font is very special with the re-used wood

  6. The font is very elegant. I like your necklace too.

  7. Sally I downloaded this pattern when you first posted it because I thought it was so beautiful. I am sorry I have not yet got around to doing it but have been busy with other things. The font is fabulous 'im in the garage must be dead chuffed with himself. Talking of fonts I discovered the other day I was christened in the same font as Charles Dickens @St. Albans Church Portsmouth :-)

  8. Thanks Fox it is going to be hard to part with the font!

    Well Jane you are so right, I am going to do what you suggest with a picture of the font and put it in the church archive book.

    Corina yes the font is very special particularly becaused we used the wood from the other church

    Thanks Jane, I really enjoy making the necklaces

    Anne that is such a good idea making wooden buttons, even if he could not make them to be all the same size, which the necklace would require, he could make a few to tat around, watch this space!
    In this parish there are two churches, the wood comes from an ancient church in which there is going to be the new stained glass window whilst the
    other church, where the font is to be placed, was built about 50 yrs ago so the Bishop has got to dash from one to another!

    And another Jane! Hillside threads - we all do that download patterns to tat in the future, I'm just curious to see one of my patterns worked but apprehensive especially if I have not written them well!
    That is so interesting about you being christened in the same font as Charles Dickens, very much in the news at the moment with his bicentenary, must be a lot going in your part of the country about that at the moment.
    Oh yeah 'im in the garage' is dead chuffed!


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