Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mr. Beaver

For over 25 years I have been associated with the Beaver Scouts in the UK, they are the youngest members of the Scout Organisation aged 6 - 8 yrs old.  So every-time someone wants to design a tatted animal and doesn't know what to choose, I shout 'A Beaver' in a very loud voice.  I have even nagged Jane for years and years and so she finally designed one as a doodle, which she will put on her web site next week and here he is. I just love his huge white tooth.

These are my beavers, I don't consciously collect them, they just happen to come my way, the one on the far right at the back I won in a raffle. The Canadian Mountie and the one at the front were brought back from from Canada by friends, and the other two are associated with Beaver Scouts.  I have no house room for anymore!

About 15 years ago I acquired quite a large stuffed Beaver and it became our colony Beaver Scout mascot and we named him Boris.  Unfortunately the older Scouts got hold of him and put a cord around his neck and hung him in the Scout hut with a note on him saying "who killed Boris?"  Such a cruel thing to do, after rescuing him from his fate he disappeared never to be seen again.

We do not have real life beavers in England, except in zoos but they are trying to re-introduce them to remote areas of Scotland.


  1. One day I may get to make a larger one - you never know with brain cell 3!!!! He's sort of looking for mischief at the moment!!!

  2. He's very cute, with his big white tooth!
    If you lived near me, I would give you the knitting kit I ordered many years ago from Canada; it's a gorgeous big beaver wearing a jacket. Unfortunately it's terribly heavy - too expensive to post!

  3. That's a cute beaver! Good one!

    Oh what a fabulous collection of stuffed beavers. I have a pack of teddies. You might want to come see them when you visit. :)

  4. A beaver EH? Fantastic!
    Fox : )

  5. Living in Northern Illinois I have seen a lot of beavers doing there thing as we have lots of streams, rivers and lakes our way . Jane's little guy looks do cute !
    So sad about Boris. Becki has a 3 ft stuffed moose in her living room. She would be just as upset if he disappeared like Boris did. Boys can be so mischievous at times :)

  6. At first I thought you were taking up doodling, yourself! I'm glad Jane did this cute Beaver for you - and us!

    Here in the USA the beaver is honored by having towns and counties named for it - and in fact our tatting group is called the Beaver County Tatters! (I myself live in Allegheny County, near the county line.) In Beaver County are the towns Beaver, Beaver Falls and Big Beaver. And there's 20-mile Beaver Road, which was the original Indian Path. At the Maple Syrup Festival a person is dressed as the Beaver mascot, in 'formal' attire; and all the signs at the Festival have cartoon beavers on them.

    Unfortunately for the real beavers, from the time of the original Colonies they were hunted vigorously for their fur and were greatly reduced in number, but they 'recovered' a great deal during the last century. They are cute critters but difficult to spot. I certainly have never seen one, although they are in the area, living around the streams and lakes. Their work is not always appreciated, though! Their mission is to build dams for their habitats, and they 'steal' trees from people's property near the water! They are a very necessary part of the ecosystem, though!


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