Monday 19 November 2012

Christmas bauble pattern

One of the problems when writing a tatting pattern to be used with a bauble or button is that even with the best will in the world, it is not always easy to find a universal pattern that fits all, even measuring buttons and baubles does not always work!   Threads can also vary, not to mention every ones different tatting tension.  So I've tried my best with this pattern and just ask that if you use it, then test it first and alter your stitch count accordingly, especially if it is not a cosy fit over the bauble.  When you have finished the pattern the bauble cover should look something like this.

It is then placed over the bauble like this

And  assembled by threading a separate piece of thread through the bugle beads 

Finally the beads to decorate and hide where the threads are pulled up, are added
The pattern:

Materials required:
Seed beads
20 thread (or you can use 40 or 50)
small bauble (circumference approx 3 1/2")
SCMR self closing mock ring
R ring
SR split ring
P picot
VLP very long picot
Roch Ring on chain
LCh Lock Chain
Sh 1 shuttle one
Sh 2 shuttle two

Wind 2 shuttles with the continuous thread method
Add 1 B Sh 1
20 B Sh 2

SCMR ch 5 B 5 *(2 B @ back hand before starting )
R 4 B 4 – 4 B 4
ch 5 B 5 repeat from * 3 times Cl SCMR

SR 1 B @ back of hand before starting 4 B 4 / 4 B 4 cl bring a bead from the shuttle thread and pass the other shuttle thread through it continue with
LCh: *6 Roch 6 VLP add bugle beads take bead from core thread move into ring and attach VLP to other side 6 Cl
LCH 6 + B on ring of round 1 repeat * 4 times
attach to base of SR

To complete fit over the bauble and thread a piece of tatting cotton through the gap made between one of the sets of bugle beads (five gaps 10 bugle beads altogether) continue through the rest of them and draw up tight then add a large bead or beads, thread more cotton through the pulled up beads and through the dangle beads, knot close to the beads making a tassel.

I have also made a couple of Jane's button brooches and as you can see they vary from hers because of the button size and tension

 Some of these holly shuttles will be on sale soon

I have so many projects  (tatting and otherwise) on the go at the moment, but hopefully should have completed some of them in a few weeks time.


  1. Oh!!! Thank you for writing this up and sharing it!!! My mother will be so happy.

  2. What an excellent tutorial! I have indeed been 'running around' to all the stores (good exercise!) on a search for the perfect size bauble. I took the clear one you had sent me back in 2010 (carefully put it in my purse!), and of course I can find only those that are a bit larger or smaller. I bought some slightly smaller ones, so we'll see how they work out.

    And in addition to writing up the instructions for the baubles (thanks SO much!), you managed to tat TWO of Jane's button brooches. They are spectacular!!! I want to try making those as well! I've avoided beads for years, and now I'm starting my collection! May not be a good thing!! Addiction ahead! But first I have to get comfortable tatting with them! I do have a small, neglected button collection, which can now come out of hiding!

  3. The thread and bead colour for the bauble are well chosen. I quite like it.

    Ah, you are right. Your button does look a little different from Jane's but the colours are so festive. Pretty.

  4. Thanks so much for the directions. Yes, a tatter has to take variations into account, but we need a guide!

  5. Lovely pattern and thank you for sharing it, vernon cleared the roof out last week and all the Christmas babbles were thrown away as we don't have a tree anymore,
    Lovely brooches, I love the colours you used.

  6. Oh how awesome everything looks!!! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing your pattern, I think I will have a go at making a Christmas ball as a beginner it will be a challenge
    Susan x

  8. Hi Sally,

    Came over to see your button brooches - they are really pretty! I can see how these could become addictive!


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