Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ice Drop Pendant

After seeing so many ice-drops on tatting blogs I did not quite understand how they were made until I saw that Bernice had a link to Diane's pattern and so decided to have a quick go and make one myself.  There were also some handy suggestions about useful items to tat around. This is my first and only ice-drop, so far!  I might do more, who knows?

Over 10 years ago I bought these vintage chandelier glass drops and was at the time attracted by their colour and shape, but have never really put them to good use.    I suppose I could have used a more interesting thread to tat around them but did not want to distract from the beauty of the glass.

So now, at last, I have a wearable item from this vintage glass after learning how to make an ice-drop, thank you Diane for starting this craze.  


  1. They look perfect for icedrops - good way to use them up!

  2. Such a great use for vintage crystals. I like the little seed beads on the edges too.

  3. Wow, pretty result! First one? Very good!

  4. I love the gem with the brown thread! Are you addicted? ;-)

    1. Ah well Diane just started another one!

  5. This so funny I just made one today too and am waiting for an order to come in (for the drops) so I used a buttonwitg a shank instead.

  6. That is stunning!! And for your first awesome!!!! :)


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