Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tatting with buttons again!

I really enjoyed tatting with Jane's MOP button patterns, well one in particular! These are some of the results, a few of the brooches were given away over Easter. When I wore the black and red one on a jacket, one person thought it looked like a spider! Someone else said it was very unusual and very pretty, I took that more as a compliment. Actually I had to stop making them it was getting an obsession, a bit like when I started, and just couldn't stop, tatting around Christmas baubles, opps still haven't written that pattern down, but will before December.


  1. Hi Sally, OH, one of my favorite patterns of late. I have tatted so many of these too! I really like how the black/red one looks too. Also the orange/black, reminds me of Halloween! I am making another one of Jane's brooches right now, Lotus Flower made on a button pattern. Have a great day!

  2. Oh, this is one of my to-do projects, but just couldn't find the time yet :( I love your pink and orange ones.

  3. I love the tatted buttons. Did ya get around to writtin out the pattern? eileene aka noiseynana


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