Wednesday 22 April 2009

What a coincidence!

Yesterday I was in one of the local charity shops and I spotted a tatting shuttle buried below some bundles of lace which were priced and ready to sell. So I duly purchased it for £1. It was only a black/white milward one, but it is still going into my collection (my working shuttles are the aero ones), which as you can see isn't vast but I'm sure I saved its life! I'm always searching for old shuttles but rarely find them, so this was a treat. Then in the evening we had a meeting (Scouting and non-uniform!) and I was wearing the blue tatted necklace and discovered that someone I had known for years could tat. We were both surprised to learn of each others knowledge of the craft. Unfortunately she has only very old patterns, so obviously I've told her to look at Jane's blog and her patterns!
And then much later on in the evening I discovered that I had made many more tatting friends via this blog - thank you


  1. Oh, there are hundreds of us! You've only seen the tip of the iceberg!

  2. Congrats on a great find! The Milward shuttle is one I do not have....yet! I have found a few shuttles in antique stores (I live in Pennyslvania USA) mostly celuloid or metal susan bates. But it is always fun to find a shuttle.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Saving the life of a lost shuttle is so gratifying :)

    XOXO Neph of Sally

  4. How exciting to find that fabulous "new" shuttle! I love to go antique~ing for the sole purpose of finding old shuttles or tatted lace! :)

  5. Knowing little or nothing about "tatting" your blogspot comes as a pleasant surprise. Your picture of your "tatting shuttles" is an artwork in itself! Piet Mondrian would have been inspired! The picture of the "Angel" is charming and I now wait to see your "tatting" representation of that beautiful Illuminated letter "P". Duncan.

  6. What a bit of luck to find a lost shuttle and spoken like a true tatter you had to give it a good home :-)


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