Saturday 27 October 2012

Extra hour in bed!

The clocks go back this evening so I am looking forward to an extra hour in bed, but not much chance at the moment as I am tatting like mad to get items ready for a Christmas Fayre.  The temperature outside is freezing and some parts of the UK are said to have been colder than Moscow this weekend brrrrrrrr.

So to get in the mood here are some snow flakes, the first one is Martha Ess's Circles and Squares, this is my favourite snowflake pattern and just for a change I have worked it in silver and white thread.

This one is my own design, but it looks like a lot of others so can't really claim the fame! However, I do think the bugle beads enhance the snowflake, sorry that it is a little bit off centre, always find it difficult to scan finished items.

Well back to tatting - more to show you  soon!

Saturday 20 October 2012

Black and White

Sometimes there is just too much colour around us, and occasionally it is good to look at something in black and white.  How many of us remember when there was only black and white television?!  There is a memorable British sports quote given by Ted Lowe during a snooker commentary. Ted was aware that at the time not all viewers had a colour television so he said "and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green."

So to start with here is Sherry Pence's Scottie Dog, which I promised to tat for someone months ago.   I think one of these little chaps would look great on a greetings card. Thank you Sherry for kindly sharing the pattern.

And now a button brooch

A Christmas bauble

And finally my son Dan who was taking a break from Aikido in Singapore. I was not able to get close enough for an action photograph!

Yes he is a black belt!

Monday 15 October 2012

Button Brooches

I am always looking for ways to use buttons and tatting together and decided it was best to put into action an idea that I have had for a long time now.    This is the result.  

Each of the brooches uses (apart from the tatting) two buttons a bead and a finding at the back. I hope you can see that there is a smaller button just beneath the bead.  The only glue used  is the finding on the back otherwise everything is sewn on.

                                                                   A closer look!

Now the only disadvantage is that when the finding is lined up at the back to correspond to one of the holes in the button (for assembling)  it is not central, but I don't think this makes that much difference to the overall appearance

The pattern I used is here Jane's Mother of Pear Tatted buttons, I just added a few extra beads at the tips.  Fortunately I do have some large buttons but I have also been looking in charity shops for others as my own supply is quite limited.  I also found that solid coloured thread works best, not variegated.  
The brooches look very effective when worn and I hope to make a lot more before Christmas!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Daisy Necklace

After a few aborted starts, mainly because I made some serious mistakes, I did manage to to complete the Daisy Necklace and now would like a little break from this pattern!   

Jane showed the shuttle holder that Marie Smith made on her blog today and so I thought I would show mine as they really are exquisite, and Marie is so generous.  This little gem was made with HDT from Sherry Pence, called Butter Toffee

It was such a great day meeting the Guild Members and the fun did not end there.  Afterwards we went to a really amazing restaurant called Flight Deck where there were pictures of aeroplanes plus model aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling.  Here is a picture of Marie outside the restaurant showing us a new technique/idea with Riet.

A lot of laughs with so many good friends, it was hard to say goodbye.

And very sad when it was time for us to fly home.

Well not on an aeroplane like this!

Thursday 4 October 2012


I am like a child in a sweetie (candy) shop at the moment!  Since coming home from tat days I have so much choice of threads, beads and findings that I just don't have enough hours in the day to put them to good use.  Regularly now I pick out thread and beads to match ready for the next project, however before I get to it some other colourway has grabbed my attention!

For many years I have admired Jane's bracelet pattern and thought it would be too difficult to tat, but now I have mastered it I can't stop making bracelets. These two are promised to people already and I am going to make a few more for the Christmas Fayre.  I also would like to carry on with the pattern and make a necklace.

The left one is made with Lizbeth thread and the right one is using HDT from Yarnplayer called warm dark brown, a lovely shade.  Thank you Sue Anna for giving it to me along with so many other beautiful threads.
Thank you also to Sandra and Joanie who kindly took Jane and myself to craft supply shops whilst we were with them, there was so much choice and so many bargains!