Wednesday 31 October 2018

Craft Evening

I am busy preparing for another Adult Craft Evening, an opportunity for people to have a go at different crafts.  Here are a couple that will be on offer. 

And pyrography on some holly wood 

The top pentagon has tatting on but actually the crafters will be making this one as I do not have enough tatting to go round everyone.

Saturday 20 October 2018

Another Horseshoe

I had another chance to tat the pattern by Marie G. Gunby last week.  This time I was approached by someone who comes along to the 'knit and natter' group that meet in the  church once a week.  The person was making a 40th wedding anniversary card and wanted to know if I could tat something.  Having very limited time at the moment, decided to do the horseshoe.  I offered to include red beads with the tatting but I was told that she would put them on the card.  This is how it turned out.

I am not too keen when tatting has added bits in between would have preferred to include the beads as I went along, but quite honestly the person who I made it for did not quite understand that we tatters are clever with beads!  She said she would do that herself and obviously liked to do her own decorating.  But it was nice to be asked to contribute some tatting.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Martha's tea pots

As most of you may know Martha Ess has designed some lovely tatting teapot patterns in the past. In her latest book 'Button Jar' she has this cute little teapot.   I really cannot stop making them although the last one (bottom) sort of went wrong and came out a little larger than the others.  I think they will look great on cards, as a brooch or just given away.

They also seem to work well with variegated thread.  Now to look in the book and tat with more buttons.