Thursday 28 June 2018

Wedding Horseshoe

I am attending a wedding this afternoon, this is quite unusual for me as I usually just book them and do most of the admin work and thats it! There has been a general invite from a mature couple who are getting married and attend one of the churches I work in to watch their ceremony.  So I decided that as the bride enjoys coming to the Craft Sessions I organise that she would like a tatted horseshoe. 

 I hope to give it to her myself, or the tradition is to ask a younger person to give it to the bride just after she has been married when she comes out of church.  It is supposed to symbolise good luck and it is indeed lucky that I actually finished making the horseshoe in the last hour!

Today is going to be extremely hot so I am looking forward to coming back home after the ceremony and cooling off in the back garden.

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Bobbin Lace

No I do not know how to make lace using bobbins, but I was privileged to look at some lace pricking patterns today made from some ancient documents. It would be amazing to know where they originally came from and what the document that they were cut from actually said.  All you can imagine is that they were made in the days before electricity and running water, when women sat in the evenings with just candle light to illuminate their work.

And some old lace bobbins, although not as old as the patterns

They were brought in by a member of our Computer Club and were her mother's who died about 5 years ago in her 90s.