Saturday 27 July 2013

Reversable Necklace

After a long break from tatting button necklaces I have gone back to them, they are so relaxing to make and every single one is unique.  My latest one is reversible, the first picture shows the right side of the button.

The second picture shows the reverse side which looks just as good. I have placed two buttons in the middle to show what they look like both sides.

This necklace is, so far, my favourite. I used Karey Solomon's thread which I bought at Tat Days last year, it is called watermelon.  Although I think the colours remind me more of Summer flowers, something like these that were given to me a few weeks ago.

Two of my necklaces are in Jane's Etsy shop, although  they have to be worn to show them off to the best effect.  Now shall I start another one?!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Don't Forget!

For want of a better title I have decided to call it the same as Janes!  Also to give you the link to her shop, although I am sure there is no need to remind everyone, yet again, that the shuttles (seen in my last blog post) will go live tonight at 20.00 British Summer Time.   
I have some more earrings to show, the pattern is from Marilee Rockley's book Tatted Jewelry 

The beads for these earrings came from an old broken necklace which was in a charity shop, I paid quite a bit for it, even in this state and not sure whether they are crystal but as you can see definitely very old.  These earrings are on their way soon to Singapore as a gift for someone who I met there as she admired my tatting.

And a full picture of the Penal Cross.  I am still making the cross earrings (as also seen in my last blog post) and will put the pattern on this blog if there is a call for it.

The cross actually hangs above the desk as I write this.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Shuttles and Cross Earring

It is fantastic at the moment here in the UK as we are in the middle of a heat wave, but I do realise that for some, it is causing health problems. Obviously we are not used to such weather in this part of the world.   Yesterday I was outside in the heat all day at a Beaver Scout Fun-day and came home exhausted and a little dehydrated.  
The garage is also very hot, such a contrast to the extremely cold days of Winter.  But here are the latest batch of shuttles that have been made and they are now at Jane's home, soon to be in her shop.  The bobbin wound with green thread is for testing.  Every shuttle has to be tested for tension, although sometimes the general conditions of the countries they go to (heat and humidity) can make a difference.

Over the last few weeks I have also been working on a cross earring design.  I was very impressed with Tatting Box's lovely design and tried it adding beads, but then decided to create my own version of a cross earring.

The earrings are photographed resting on what is known as a 'Penal Cross'  made from Irish turf cut from the bog lands and then kiln baked.  The cross was a powerful symbol in the face of adversity when there was much hardship in Ireland. It is so shaped that it could be hidden up a sleeve. 

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Mark My Words

Over the past year whilst visiting other countries I have been very fortunate to meet some extremely talented people who, like myself, also have their own tatting blogs.  One of the many was Sharren, I was in her class at Tat Days last September.  In May she adapted  Mary Konior's pattern 'Mark-my-words' pattern, so immediately I followed her suggestions. However, what with holiday and catching up with my many commitments, I wasn't able to get back to her next adaptation, until now.  Although I might have just altered it even more!   

In June whilst in Singapore we met up with Val and she kindly took us out for a meal. Now Val hasn't posted on her blog for sometime, the main reason for this is that she has been very busy.  Val has incredible energy and is constantly on the go, learning new things to do with her working life or other crafts, she is a joy to be with. I hope that when we next visit Singapore we will be able to meet up again.

 A rare glimpse of 'im in the garage' -  he was let out on this occasion and allowed to travel!

Thursday 4 July 2013

Proud as a Peacock!

Well that is the saying, which probably derives from the the bird's beauty and bearing especially when they fan out their feathers. This little fellow is on Jane's doodle page.

And here is one I recently saw on Pangkor Island, Malaysia 

I've nothing to be proud of today except for the fact that it is my birthday and of course American Independence Day! 

Thank you to all my tatting friends who have sent goodwill messages, much appreciated.