Thursday 31 August 2017

Winging It!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog post, you sure did cheer me up I was almost in tears having to destroy all that work.

'Winging It' is what I am doing now with regard to tatting this doily.  As you can see it had the 'big chop' and now I am continuing using a different design which is being made up as I go along. Hence there is no preparation, just chancing it, so far so good, but have no idea what the next row is going to be.   Wish me luck

Monday 28 August 2017

A Huge Disappointment

It seems that I will have to get the scissors out to this doily after hours spent tatting it.  I found the pattern on Linda's page here, and really thought it would work well especially as I was aiming to tat it for someone who wanted a green doily.  Sadly though as I progress the work does not lie flat and gets worse after trying to press it down.   May be my tatting is too tight?  I am sure I did not make any errors, whatever, there is no use in carrying on.   Sad but put it down to experience.

There may be a way to continue by not cutting all of it to pieces and making up my own version as I go along, although not sure I am clever enough to do that. 

Monday 21 August 2017

Edleweiss Finished

So I really got a move on with this huge doily, it is in fact the third one I have made following Renulek's Edelweiss pattern. Actually there is still a fourth one waiting in the wings, started it years ago but it has remained uncompleted mainly because the colours are awful,  I will show you it sometime.

It was really difficult trying to get a good photograph of the finished piece of work and I know it should have been blocked and pressed properly especially when you see this section which I have just scanned but I was too excited to show you.

On the last row I added some tiny beads to the chains and they give it such a lovely finish

Friday 18 August 2017

Another Project

I have been asked to make another doily for someone to give as a Christmas present, but very eager to get started and hopefully finish tatting it well before the festive season.  This is the first two rounds of the pattern I have chosen.  I wonder if any of you can guess whose pattern it is?

And here is the continuing work on what I now know is called Edelweiss, Renulek's doily.

Monday 14 August 2017

Pop-a-bobbin with a pick

So big sister Jane said it might be a good idea to make a wooden shuttle with a pick on. This task was set before 'Im in the Garage and here is the result. However, first shuttle went a little wrong so was turned into an normal pop-a-bobbin shuttle.

I will test the shuttle this week and see how usable it is and then pass it on to Jane for another test.  Also have to say that it took a long time to get the pick to this stage, a plastic shuttle with a pick did help him get the idea of what was required.