Thursday, 8 August 2019

A little bit of tatting

I have definately started tatting again but have been tidying up my supplies at the same time, which means making tiny butterflies to use up the odd bits of thread.  The other thing I have been doing is preparing for another craft morning, and have become rather hooked on making these pin cushions.  Although the aim is for those who attend the morning to make them themselves!  Not everyone uses a pin cushion but I find them an essential bit of equipment, not only for pins but also for needles.  

But as you can also see I could not resist putting a piece of tatting on each one!  It also gives me the opportunity to play with the large collection of buttons that I still have.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Time to start tatting again

So have had a very long break from doing any tatting, the longest in 10 years, but feel I would like to get back to my shuttles now.  This is what I spent months doing and what any tatting was abandoned for. 

It is a throw for a sofa bed, only I can't show you it as the room needs decorating first!  The panels are different patterns with a crocheted border.  I choose the colours to correspond with the outer edge.  

It is going to seem very odd picking up shuttles after using knitting needles and a crochet hook!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Tatting shuttles

I have not done any tatting for months although still knitting and sorting out ideas for the next Craft Evening in three weeks time.  A surprise phone call today meant that I was given some tatting shuttles which otherwise would have probably been thrown away!  They were from a friend whose mother had died, just wonder how many shuttles are disposed of, especially when relatives of deceased loved ones do not know what they are.  I was just fortunate because my friend knew I tatted but had no idea that these were the shuttles used for the craft!

Included are my favourites the aero shuttles, one has not got a bobbin, but that is no problem as I have hundreds in my house!  Two Susan Bates, one Milward and a cute little one made out of bone?

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Might start tatting again soon

Some how I have lost any interest in tatting, but still knitting which is something I suppose! I found this necklace in a charity shop today amongst a bundle of jewellery.  Thought to myself why don't I tat around those butterflies?   Anyway no big deal if I never get around to it as the necklace only cost 50p.

And my knitting so far, still a long way to go, another few sections and then to complete crocheting the outside.   Why do things take so long?  Answer I hardly have time to sit and do them!

Now off to vote as it is the European Elections  today, which would not have taken place if we had come out of the European Union, but the country is in such a mess with all that hanging over us. Big sigh.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Where has this month gone?!

April has been manic for me and therefore decided to have today off work mainly to tidy and the clean the house!  Still a lot to do but decided to have a break to show you some pictures of the items people created at the Craft Evening at the beginning of the month.

'Im in the garage' cut out some geckos and crafters had a lot of fun either burning designs in them or trying their hand at painting.  I am already starting to plan for the next Craft Evening in July.  

As we all know if you enjoy doing crafts it creates its own stack of equipment and materials.  At the moment we are hoping to extend the church so that there is more room for activities especially has most of the time the building is shared with a pre-school.  It is a standing joke that I am asking for a Craft room, not going to get one,  but people are getting used to the office being a storage place for Crafts in progress! 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Craft Evening

On Monday I organised another craft evening for adults.  Lots of different items to create using wood, string, material, paper and card.  Here are a few examples that I prepared before the evening.

The hedgehog is made from an old book

There were actually seven very different items to create,  I will show you what people achieved at the end of the evening in the next post.  

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Tatting shuttles

The garage is getting a little warmer so it is time to make more shuttles. They will be mainly pop-a-bobbin ones but we had a special order for some ebony post shuttles, one of which I have photographed on a white hyacinth. Actually they are going to a customer in England who could not find any wooden ones in our part of the world. Not a brilliant photograph, this morning is dull and it is drizzling with rain.  This shuttle has a dimple on the top and bottom so that you can comfortably hold with your thumb and finger without them slipping off.

The next two have also been promised and will be setting off on their long journey any day now.  This time pop-a-bobbin ones, a  Cocobola Rosewood and an Olive shuttle.

I really do need to get back to tatting but there doesn't seem to be any spare time at the moment.