Wednesday 30 November 2016

Children's Craft Club

Okay so Wednesdays are usually super busy for me.   I get to work at 8.45 am and start with morning prayer.  Then if the Vicar is around we catch up on stuff that needs sorting out.  After that it is office work and popping in and out of the church whilst the computer club is on.  Lunch break and perhaps a little walk and then another session of Computer Club.   Straight after they leave at 3 pm the church is set up for the Children's Craft Club and half an hour later the little people arrive straight from school.  These of some of the things they make.

Obviously they are now making Christmas decorations

At this very moment I have some salt dough shapes in the oven cooking ready for the children to paint next week and then hang on Christmas trees.    So every week I have to sort out about three to four crafts and purchase the necessary items for them.  I get home on a Wednesday just before 6 pm exhausted and usually with a little paint on me, plus glue and at this time of the year plenty of glitter!

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Sixteenth Snowflake

This is the snowflake that I missed out by mistake and so include it now.

Tomorrow is the last day of November and I was hoping to do another blog post before December.  Who knows I  might succeed in doing that although Wednesdays are so hectic.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Fifteen and Seveneeth

I had to tat the fifteenth snowflake twice because in size 40 it was extremely tight and would not lie flat, but it seemed that tatting it in 20 was not much better.  I pulled, dampened and tried to shape it but failed to get it looking good, so gave up.

The sixteenth (correction the sixteenth is in fact the seventeenth) snowflake was relatively easy to tat but not particularly fond of it

Some more pop-a-bobbin shuttles. 'Im in the garage has been busy getting them ready for Christmas

Thursday 17 November 2016

Thirteen and Fourteen

It is strange but after tatting a couple of snowflakes that have gone well I then get enthused about continuing, however 13 and 14 have again lowered my spirits.  Not only that I am missing tatting something that is not so prescriptive.  

Thirteenth Snowflake

The thirteenth one just had a 'bad hair day' and I could not get it in order, it seemed to have a life of its own. The thread I was working with was awful too and apart from its general dishevelment is supposed to be a pale blue colour.

Fourteenth snowflake

This snowflake did not turn out well either, the design is not to my liking and the thread did not help either.

I am hoping to sell some pop-a-bobbin shuttles over the next week, if anyone is interested please comment.  I will only accept paypal as payment though, trying to make it as easy as possible when it comes to the transaction.  Here is one that is for sale made out of cedar of Lebanon wood.

There are many other woods waiting to fly away to foreign lands.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Eleventh and Twelfth Day

Time is racing on and I am very aware that if I don't speed up these snowflakes they will not be finished this side of Christmas.   Therefore, if possible, will now post two at a time.

These two were quite easy accept I could not get the Twelfth one to lie very well, anyway half way through the book.

Eleventh Day of December

Twelfth Day of December

I am going to take some of my tatting to a Christmas Market in the village on Saturday.  These sort of events get worse every year in terms of attendance and interest and so sell very little.   What is really annoying is that so much time is spent (in my case finding the items) sorting and packing them, setting up the table etc.  If there were crowds of people it would be well worth it, but there are not so I wonder why I bother.  The only consolation is that it gives me a chance to talk about tatting to those who are interested, which actually isn't many!