Wednesday 30 March 2016

Bags and Buttons

Thank you for your comments after I showed you the tatting around the buttons in the last blog post.   This is what I wanted them for, to embellish a couple of bags I had made.  Big sister Jane gave me a bag of these buttons not so long ago.  They are quite dull and uninteresting but now they look much better and go exactly with the colours on the bags.

Both these photographs were taken outside, at the same time, but somehow the colours have come out differently!

Monday 28 March 2016

What are these for?

I had no time to do any Easter tatting and then spent the holiday decorating and sorting out cupboards and drawers etc.    It is amazing how much rubbish we keep in our homes!

Managed to make these button creations a couple of weeks ago and I am going to sew them onto something in the next few days. They do not look very exciting at the moment but all will be revealed soon!

Saturday 19 March 2016

Gerberas Galore

Not sure if everyone has heard of this flower?  They come in a variety of colours, and can be a flower arrangers nightmare as the long stems often need pinning because they have a tendency to bow their heads!   They are a form of daisy which is why I have used my pattern, instructions on the side of this blog.  If you want to know more about  Gerbera's read this 

The pink one is a take on this flower which I once had in an arrangement

The orange gerbera has a stem and leaves and I used  Iris's pattern but tried to get the leaves to look more like gerbera leaves, crinkly!  A bit out of proportion too, but worth a try.

Saturday 12 March 2016

Three Floral Crosses

There are so many different tatted cross patterns to choose from, but not all of them can be made in one round.  When Robin showed us this cross  I was delighted to see it and decided to tat it as soon as I could.

Floral Cross

The first cross I tatted was the middle one, then I increased the stitch count for the other two and of course added a few beads.  

Thank you Robin for a delightful pattern, I will be making a lot more of them in the future.

At the moment there are three pop-a-bobbin shuttles left in Jane's Etsy shop just in case you are interested.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Organza bags

Ages ago I purchased some napkins made from flimsy looking but quite firm material, with the intention of making some bags out of them.   Of course the idea got lost in time, and there didn't really seem to be a need for such bags.  Looking back I rather think my intention was to put some of my necklaces in, tatted or otherwise,  which I still may do after you have had a peep at them.

Anyway I motivated myself enough to sew the sides up on a machine and so far have finished two, the fiddly bit is sorting out the draw string and oversewing by hand the openings.

The left hand bag has Jon Yusoff Quantiesque Snowflake sewn on it and the right one is a motif that Fox sent me some years ago - the colours go so well.  I hope she likes it and perhaps can tell us where the pattern comes from?