Saturday 29 October 2011

The Clocks go back tonight

Before going to bed this evening we in the UK are required to put our clocks back one hour, which means an extra hour in bed, great!  The British Summer Time Act of 1972 stipulates that GMT begins on the last Sunday of October and BST on the last Sunday of March (when the clocks go forward an hour).  However, there is talk of a trial period with a view to eventually adopting a Central European Time, which would mean BST plus one hour in summer and GMT plus one in winter - confusing us Brits even more!  The main problem is that those in the north of the country, particularly Scotland, would definitely not relish an extra hour of darkness in the winter.  Between 1968 and 1971 the government carried out the same experiment but was forced to end it after complaints in Scotland and northern England.   So we await to see what happens.  In the meantime the pop-a-bobbin shuttles arrived this morning at Jane's and she is wondering at what time to list them, and might need your help with this, taking into account the different time zones across the pond.

I have managed some seasonal tatting, Martha's pumpkin teapot and might even get around to doing some more tatting if time allows, with an extra hour coming up, who knows?!

I just have to show you this little chap.  It is an alarm clock purchased when my eldest son was young in Germany.  It has travelled a bit and was found in a box in the attic, minus a leg, but a week or two later when we were sorting through my son's belongings the missing leg was found!

Here is a Ticki Tack clock on youtube although the one we have is not battery operated it is a wind up one - but I was thrilled to find it.  Enjoy!!

It is good to see both his legs working!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

William Shakespeare's words from Romeo and Juliet, mine may not have quite the same sentiments, but during the last month or so I have been parting and saying goodbye, not to people but to objects.  The attic clearance continues, but the end is in sight.   Just finding it hard to throw away items that have been up there for years but have no use and are just kept out of sentimentality.
Another parting which will take place next weekend will be these pop-a-bobbin shuttles, they are ready to go to Jane to list in her Etsy shop.  There is a good selection of different woods, most shuttles have hooks on them but there are a few without.  In a way it is sad to see them go as they do look so beautiful.

And here are a few items from our time in Hong Kong many years ago, no idea why the inflatables were kept but the children's pajamas are so cute.  They are though well worn so all are destined for the dustbin in the next few days.  "parting is such sweet sorrow".  But we do have many other items to remind us of our time in the far East and they are at least on display, not stored in an attic.

I was surprised and delighted that so many people viewed the pendants that I made in the last post and thank you to all who generously commented.  Kathy asked how I managed to attach the findings, beads and tatting.  Well here are the findings, no idea where they came from just found them amongst some beads that I have had for years. Basically I tat around them (including the beads on long picots) and cut tie and hide the ends.  Then to finish I take another piece of thread which is doubled,  attach the top ring finding then pull the threads  through a small bead then a larger bead which the tatting/finding fits snuggly around and then it is a matter of threading more beads and using a single thread for the last dangle and that is fed up to the middle where the ends are tied.

Wednesday 19 October 2011


Last week there was someone in the church foyer selling a selection of knitted scarfs and jewellery she had made, she was raising money for herself and for the pre-school which meets in the church hall.   The  pendants she had made were primarily of beads and were hanging on long chains.  Um,  I thought, they remind me of aborted earrings that I started ages ago.  I looked for the single green earring I had made, and eventually found it. Part of the reason I was reticent in making the other one was because it looked rather large.  So I  put it on a chain and it looks much better now, and so I proceeded to make another two pendants.

The original idea for this design was from an earring pattern on Jane's blog. We have a Christmas Fayre coming up soon and I am going to see if they will sell along with some other tatted items. 

Sunday 9 October 2011

Martha's Angels

Martha Ess's new tatting book "Playing with Picots" arrived in the mail on Friday. So  I just had to make the angels for this bit of heaven. As Martha has called them 'Big Sister Angel and 'Little Sister Angel' I named them - well what do you think?! 

Actually Jane looks like she is dancing!  Well come to think of it I'm doing a sort of wiggle too!

The book was waiting for me when I returned home after conducting a funeral service.  Before the service I spoke to the organist (a farmer) to confirm the music etc and learnt that the funeral director had asked him to play for this service after delivering a bull to his farm earlier in the week! The funeral director also keeps cattle. After the service another farmer who was in the congregation started discussing the price of lambs to the funeral director. But that was not the strangest thing about the funeral, apparently some people who attended the service found that they were at the wrong one.  They had read about it in the paper but there was also another deceased lady bearing the same surname and who had died at the same age 90 yrs in the same town and they had obviously read the wrong entry. Apparently they could not understand why I was referring to the deceased as Mary when they thought her name was Betty! This particular funeral service was in a church with a burial in the graveyard, whilst the one they should have been attending was later on in the day at the crematorium, so they had to sit through two funeral services on Friday!  So that is probably why I settled down to tat these angels after a bizarre day.

Martha's new book has many other interesting patterns, and I can't wait to try them out.

Thank you Martha  you are an angel!

Thursday 6 October 2011

Oak Leaves

My attempt at an oak leaf has progressed into these, not sure if anyone else has designed such a leaf so will not claim it as my own, but I am willing to share this particular pattern if there is interest.

Some oak leaves which have been blown off the trees in the wind and the rain we are now having, the temperature has dropped at least 12 degrees since last week.

And some acorns turning a golden brown, just right for those greedy squirrels of which we have many.

"Great oaks from little acorns grow" - an old English Proverb 
Great things often have small beginnings.


OAK LEAF PATTERN © Sally Kerson 2011

R ring
Roch ring on chain
seta first half of double stitch
setab second half of double stitch
Ch chain
Cl close
vsp very small picot
+ join
Lj lock join
T & C tie and cut

Materials required: size 20 thread

Wind 2 shuttles with the continuous thread method 1 ½ yds shuttles 1
3 ½ yds shuttle 2

Begin by securing with paper clip or safety pin forming 1st picot.

Ch: p 8 SS
Roch 1: 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 2 vsp 4 Cl SS
Ch: 6 SS
Roch 2: 4 + R1 4 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 6 vsp 2 Cl SS
SCMR ch 5
R3: 2 + R2 12 (seta x 6 setab x 6 ) 10 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R4: 2 + R3 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6 ) 4 (seta x 6 setab x 6)
4 (seta x 6 seta b x 6) 6 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R5: 2 + R4 12 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 10 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R6: 2 + R5 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 4 vsp 4 CL
Ch : 6 Lj to bottom R1 (opposite) SS
Roch 7: 4 + R6 2 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 6 Cl SS
Ch 8 join to first picot

make tail with which ever method you wish. T & C