Sunday 30 June 2013

Holiday Tatting

It is hard to believe that just a fortnight ago I was on a beautiful island off the coast of  Malaysia.   And whilst I was there I left my mark on the sands, okay it did get washed away, but for a short time it remained for all to see!

My holiday tatting was very limited not just because of time but also because of materials. At the last minute I threw in a bag just a spool of mixed thread and two shuttles.  Originally I was going to take a handkerchief edging to work on, but just could not cope with the fine thread, so abandoned that idea.  But  I managed to make Jane's wheelbarrow.

And a butterfly 

They were both photographed on the island, where there were so many beautiful flowers and everyday fresh petals were put into this container.

We also had a bulletin telling us what was happening in the resort and this is the one from a fortnight ago, or rather the top of it as I am not allowed to show you the whole piece!

The quote was also apt especially as it came from a person I so admire C.S. Lewis.
 And yes hornbills were everywhere.

Sadly though I never managed to meet up with Jon Yusoff whilst in Malaysia it was just not possible as we had a tight schedule which meant no diversions!

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Craft work for all!

Apart from taking on holiday with me tatting for the wedding banquet, I also took some tatted brooches and here is the bride's mother wearing one of them at another banquet that was held in Malaysia the following week. 

'Im in the garage' also made cuff links for the fellows, which included himself of course, the bride's father and my two sons.  Here is a photo of my boys wearing them. They are made from  ebony wood that was brought back from Africa by 'im many years ago when he used to work there.

Sorry about the quality of the photos and also the expression on my boys faces!

There were nine courses at this banquet, which is normal,  and here is a picture of one of them. I know there are cashew nuts but I can't remember what the round pieces were, but every course was delicious. 

Whilst in Malaysia we stayed on a very beautiful island and I managed to do a little bit of tatting but the sun, sea and sand beckoned me to play with them most of the the time!

Saturday 22 June 2013

Bead Shopping

It was obvious that whilst in Singapore I just had to buy some more beads.  Last year Val took me shopping in China Town, and as you can see from this picture  we had a really good time visiting many shops.  I managed to retrace our steps exactly two weeks ago today, in fact the afternoon of the wedding banquet and found the shops again. Here are my purchases, and yes I will be sharing some of them with Jane!  I did also meet up again with Val the next day (Sunday), will post a picture soon.

The hotel had this marvellous ceiling hanging in the reception area made with beads.

And this is the start of the wedding banquet in the same hotel a fortnight ago.

In the UK at the moment it is dull windy and raining, in Singapore there is a terrible haze covering the city so where would I rather be? Well of course a part of me would love to be back in Singapore with my son and his wife, but another part of me is pleased not to have to suffer like the people are there and in parts of Malaysia.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Back to Reality!

It is back to normal daily and weekly routines after returning last night from our visit to Singapore and Malaysia.   I woke up too early this morning and have not re-adjusted to English time yet. However, reality is setting in as the washing machine has been on the go and food shopping is the next chore! 
We were in Singapore to attend my son and daughter-in-law's wedding banquet.  The butterflies that I tatted to go with the wedding favours were a great success, however it was announced at the beginning of the banquet that they were 'embrodiered' but called 'tatting'!   Obviously at that point in the proceedings I was unable to stand up in front of everyone and explain how they were made. One guest has subsequently contacted my son asking about the tools that are used to make them.  Someone else e.mailed him with a photo of two of them sitting on the table saying that they were so beautiful, and here it is. 

Before the banquet was held there were a few Chinese traditions that my family were involved in. One of them is the giving of tea in the morning. I don't have a picture of myself taking part in this event, as apart from the official photographer there was only me taking photos.  

This is my other son, serving tea to the couple.

I have yet to sort out all the photographs that have been taken whilst on this momentous trip to the far East.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Dress Making and not a lot of Tatting

Tatting has been set aside in the last few weeks as I have been doing a little bit of sewing.   Lately I have looked at hundreds of dresses in the shops but little have impressed me either in style or material. I even dragged Jane around the shops when I visited her the other weekend!  So I decided to make my own,  finding a brand new pattern stuffed in a drawer was a good start.  The material I bought in Indonesia last year and it seemed to go with the style of the pattern.

This is the result and yes it is in the suitcase ready to go to Singapore!

So is this brooch

I have just come back from a meal at the Bishop of Winchester's Palace where I met another Bishop's wife who was so interested in the tatted necklace I was wearing. We then had a conversation about tatting for she had never heard of the craft.  I told her to look for this blog I do hope she finds it.