Saturday 29 September 2012

Owls and Scarecrows

When we were at Tat Days there was a 'Night Owl' class during which we made some owls by finger tatting with wool, it was great fun and required minimum skill. Also by then our eyes were quite tired so it was easy on them too!  I made this one when I got home as all the owls that we made at tat days are going to a State Fair next month.  Riet took the class and it was lovely to meet her at last and to discover that she is very fond of owls.

Here is the pattern using thread and made into earrings

And a real owl that was seen in our village trying to cross the road earlier this year

Today though we had a scarecrow festival outside one of the churches.

A knight and his horse

A little girl

And a solar powered scarecrow that was given to me by Pam when in the USA. All the shops were sold out of these little chaps and I am so thrilled to have this one and love the way he jiggles! He also came up to the church with me, but I guarded him as it would have been such a shame if someone else had taken a fancy to him!

Saturday 22 September 2012


It is good to be back home, especially after passing through 5 different airports on our travels this month, in all though I have flown on 8 planes since June and really pleased to have my feet on the ground for the rest of the year.  But what an experience it was to be in the USA, I can't believe the generosity of people and thank you to all who made our stay so welcoming, especially to Sandra and Joanie who opened their houses to Jane and myself.

When we first arranged to go to "Tat Days" we thought that we would be the only sisters attending the event, but when we arrived there were three sets of sisters, the American sisters, the Swedish sisters and the UK sisters, amazing! It just shows that tatting runs in families.

There was also a group of tatters who attended  called the Southern Belles of Tennessee, they were not exactly sisters, although you could say that they were sisters in tatting!  However,  they did contribute so much to the days, firstly by helping to fill our "goodie bags" and also for some of the table decorations.  This was just part of a decoration taken from a wheelbarrow that was on one of the tables and not only that there were packets of seeds by our plates, but when you opened them instead of seeds they contained some thread and a charm, so clever and so generous.  The tatted flowers are exquisite, but I apologise for them getting a bit crushed in my suitcase.

The Southern Belles were so generous and made the days even more exciting thank you, I hope one of you is reading this blog, if not please can someone pass on my thanks.
Here is a flower from an American garden complete with insects.

Sometimes though sisters just have to show you up!  This was taken in a supermarket near Joanies.

Is she fragile?!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Fun and Games

A few blogs have already shown some great pictures of Tat Days especially the wonderful goodies that were given out or purchased.  But here are a couple of photos showing some of the fun and games that we had.

Jane and Martha attempting two handed tatting

Hanna and Sara tatting blindfolded


Thank you to all the  Palmetto Tatters for all their hard work in making the event such a success and so fun. It was great to see y'all.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Atlanta meeting

Look at this meeting in Atlanta. Do you recognise any of these tatters?

Okay you may know Sandra and Jane but the two on the left of the picture are Sara and Hanna from Sweden. We met them this morning and they are so excited about attending Tat Days and guess what they are sisters just like Jane and myself.

We really had a fab time together looking around the city of Atlanta, thank you Sandra.

Saturday 1 September 2012

Trains and Planes

This is my last blog post before I start my travels. Tomorrow I catch a train and head for the Midlands to stay the night with Jane, ready to fly very early Monday morning to Georgia and then later on in the week we attend the Tat Days.    Almost packed, it has been incredibly difficult to know what to take both for clothes and tatting equipment.  All these items take up considerable room in a house and then you are expected to put a very small selection in a suitcase, impossible!  Apart from the necessities in life I am carrying 50 popabobbin shuttles and quite a few hooks with hats.   But here is one item that is already packed, apparently essential?!

My lanyard

Already in the last six months I have flown on four planes and about to go on four more before I get back to my home.  I also suffer from motion sickness but have tablets to take, and warned big sister!

A  picture taken when we travelled back from Java to Singapore in June showing the volcanic mountains. 

So I will be seeing quite a few of my blog friends very soon, safe journeys to you all.