Wednesday 29 August 2012

Eucalyptus Wood

Earlier this year Trayna e.mailed me and asked whether 'Im in the garage, would like some Eucalyptus wood from a tree that had been damaged in a storm. She needed a rather quick decision on this as the postage rates in the UK were just about to go up considerably.  So we said yes and here is one of the shuttles made out of the wood, it is currently flying up to Scotland to where Trayna lives.

There is a story behind this Eucalyptus Tree, a very special story, which Trayna will no doubt tell you before too long and so this shuttle will mean a lot to her.

Jane commented on my last blog post about there being a 'Bling War' between us at the the forthcoming Tat Days, all I can say is that I have very little tatting bling to wear but I have made these earrings to take with me. The thread sparkles but the photograph does not really show this.

At the moment I am unable to comment on blogs that require word verification, this is very frustrating and I wonder if anyone else is having a similar problem?   

Saturday 25 August 2012

Tat Day Bling!

I have not been very good at looking at all the blog posts latterly because of other more pressing things to do before leaving for the USA.  Tatting has also been very slow but this afternoon, when I was supposed to be clearing up, I decided to do a project that has been waiting for months.

Last year I purchased this pendant initially to use the rings on it to tat with but when I looked at them more closely they were not uniform and so whatever I did with them would probably not have worked. I don't know what was originally on the silver disc as it had fallen off before I purchased the item.  I paid only £1 for the pendant but the original price ( in perfect condition) was £15.00!  It is quite heavy so I will know when it is around my neck!  

I have just seen the jewellery that Jane is making so don't want to look like a 'plain Jane' beside her, or in my case 'plain Sally' do !?

You may notice the drops of rain around the pendant, it has been pouring over here on and off all day and as it is dark, the best light was outside to take the photographs.
The button motif is not glued on yet, just left it in the garage for that, my first Tat Day Bling.
 I might even have time to make some more!

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Time is going too fast!

Time is going so fast and  I am worried that things will not be done before I travel to the USA in September.  My parish work has increased over the last few weeks, but hopefully I will get on top of everything before too long.  I have filled in the dreaded ESTA form and so at least allowed into the USA!  Also managed to finish this doily, but very disappointed with the result, even with blocking and pressing it still does not seem to lie flat, and whats more this is the second time I have completed the last round, this blog post shows my first attempt. But as I was using a different thread I thought that was the problem.

I also managed to put a motif on the lovely bag Jane (big sister) kindly gave me.

And now testing the shuttles which are being made to take over to Tat Days. There is real tension in the garage at the moment as these and other items are being completed!

Will I have room in the suitcase for these and more?! 

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Across the Miles

In May, Jess from Tat-ilicious held a giveaway and invited people to think of  new colourways for her HDT.  My suggestion was teal, purple, grey and ruby red and I named it 'Night Thunder'.  Although I was not the winner, Jess kindly set me this skein made up of the colours.  It is gorgeous and much much better than the picture.  I feel a necklace coming on, unless anyone else has a better suggestion?!  Looking forward to seeing Jess at tat days in September and being tempted with all her other delicious HDT.

Before Christmas I made a white cross from Martha Ess's pattern book 'Playing with Picots' and then I posted it to Ireland. The mother of a little girl who was to be confirmed in May needed it for her dress. I believe it was a second hand dress and she wanted it to look a little different.

I have only met this family a couple of times in my life whilst visiting Ireland but yesterday I received a photograph of Abby (with her sister Ruth) wearing her dress and you can just about see the cross on it.  But look also at the Atlantic sea in the background, a beautiful part of the world "God's country".

Abby also sent me this sweet note.

Tatting certainly brings you closer to people.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Singapore Japan Indonesia

Whilst I was with Val in Singapore she took me to some amazing shops and one in particular actually sold tatting books, you did not have to order them, they were in stock! Having the choice of so many, I just had to buy one.  Since my return to England  I have managed to tat something from the book, the start of a doily. Two more rounds to go and I will have finished.

Also from the same shop I purchased this thread, a huge ball! 

This is the book the pattern is from

In Indonesia we saw an amazing banyan tree and on it was this sign, I just had to take a photograph of it

 it was broken in two halves and this is what it really said

But you were allowed to swing on it

So my eldest son and 'Im in the garage' had a go