Thursday 21 November 2019

Mixing threads

Here are a few snowflakes that I have made by tatting with two threads wound together.
Just love how they have turned out .

I have used 40 white or coloured thread together with these  sewing cottons 

This is what happened when I scanned the snowflakes, the colours seems to have been washed out of them!
I intend to use them for decorating Christmas cards.

Sunday 10 November 2019

Tatting and Necklaces

Originally I was making these necklaces using just felt, cotton material and felt flowers but then I looked in my tatting stash and decided to use some bits that have been lingering in a box way too long. It makes them now look very unique and interesting and more importantly  the tatting has been put to good use. 

They are going to hopefully be sold at a charity fair next weekend. I am unable to attend,  which in away is a shame especially if any questions are asked about tatting.  Although I have to say after trying to sell so much of my work for decades at fairs and on the whole being disappointed, sort of happy about the situation and if any money is made it is going to a good cause. 

Tuesday 5 November 2019

String Thread

That is what it said on the label of this thread which I purchased from Singapore.  The day is a bit dismal so the colour is not very good. But if you were able to look closely in good light then you will see different colours including pink, green blue etc and it does glitter.  Tats as 20 thread. 

The patterns are all Janes, the front two are her newest which you will find on this blog post.   The patterns are not up yet, but will be very soon, just a perk of being a sister sometimes I get to try them out first!

I have been making quite a few of the front right one as it is going to be such a useful snowflake and rather fun to make too!