Wednesday 31 May 2017

Dress Trim

I don't tat very much around clothes, although saying that the surplice I wear when conducting church services is adorned with tatting and gets many comments.    This dress, which I made, seemed to shout out for something else, it is patterned but I felt it needed to be enhanced with a few borders of tatting.

So I tatted around the neck and armholes using Mary Konior's Shepherd's Hey, it does seem to work.     But my heart is really on the large doily that I am making and really enjoying seeing it grow.

Friday 26 May 2017

Noah's Ark

Yes I am still tatting the doily and so enjoying working on it, but instead of boring you with another picture of it, decided to show you another of 'Im in the Garage's' handiwork.   This Noah's Ark was made many years ago, in fact he made about half a dozen of them and all have been sold, accept for this one, and is now going to our grandson.  I will be sorry to see it go, but it is much better to have some play value out of it instead of just sitting on a shelf.

There is a tatted elephant on the wooden one but it is difficult to see, all the animals fit in the ark in a particular order, including Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The bottom of the boat slides back to reveal a rainbow jigsaw. 

And of course the giraffes stick their heads out of the top!  All hand painted by myself.

Friday 19 May 2017

Two more rounds

I am making good progress with this doily, but still not sure how big it is going to end up being.  This will be the last time it will fit on the scanner though -  well it almost fits on the scanner!

Actually I am a bit further on than this picture which I scanned a few days ago. As the rounds get bigger I have to be careful that I have enough thread to complete the round I am on, especially as in some cases I am using balls of thread that have been well used.   

Saturday 13 May 2017

Rectangle Doily

I don't seem to have a large piece of tatting that I can show in the Art Exhibition in July, so I decided to tat one especially and this is the start of it.   When I say large I have absolutely no idea how far I am taking this, in other words will go with the flow and when I get bored, or run out of suitable thread will stop.

My intention is to use browns, creams and combinations of these colours to keep it all neutral and able to be displayed anywhere.   Which actually poses another problem, as of course when it is finished, it will need to be displayed.  I always think that is a huge problem when showing off tatting at its best, so need to work on a few ideas. 

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Too many things on the go

Yes that is right I have too many things on the go at the moment, not only with regard to tatting but other parts of my life seem to be very busy, leaving little time to finish off what I have already started!   This is a trim that is going to go on a Summer Dress I have just made.

The pattern is Shepherd's Hey from Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting. 

I have also started tatting a rectangle doily, which has put an abrupt stop to this trim ever getting sewn on the dress in the immediate future.    The reason why I started the doily is that I would like to make piece of tatting for an exhibition that I am actually organising and will take place in July.  Already forms are coming in and the administration is starting to pile up.    Mainly it will be paintings on show but we hope to get other art forms, already a girl who makes 'steam punk' items out of leather wants to exhibit what she has made, not quite every ones scene but they are truly artistic.  

So back to my shuttles!