Wednesday 31 August 2016

A Mary Konior Cross

I tatted a version of this cross a few years ago in size 20 and it came out large and quite ugly.  So this time I used 40 thread and much happier with the result.  The pattern comes from Mary's book Tatting with Visual patterns. 

I thought you might like to see some of the floral tributes that we have in my village graveyard at the moment, there have been some big funeral services

A gypsy caravan

A bird

A Landrover

Many thanks for the lovely comments about my kitchen, it is now fully operational complete with table and chairs and I am enjoying cooking and eating in it.  Hope to also tat in the kitchen too!

Saturday 27 August 2016

The Kitchen

For those of you interested in seeing other people's kitchens this is what mine now looks like, minus the table and chairs as they are having a bit of a make over by 'im in the garage.  
Two shelves have replaced a huge glass cabinet that held so much stuff, most of which has now gone to the charity shops.

The kitchen is bright, clean and fresh looking

Unusual for a kitchen there is a huge bay window which lets in light and gives the illusion of space, underneath the table will eventually be placed.

This is what the kitchen used to look like, including another cabinet full of stuff, I haven't managed to find a home for everything that was in it yet!

This kitchen was about 18 years old, what you cannot see in the picture is how badly the frames on the doors caught all the dirt and grease.    However, some  parts of the kitchen have been salvaged and on the far left of the picture you can just about see the end of a set of drawers, these are in the process of being made into a piece of bedroom furniture.   The top cabinet on the left of the picture is now in the garage where it holds all the cleaning equipment.    It is amazing how much can be re-cycled.

The kitchen fitter said, "I hope you don't mind me saying this to you, but I don't ever fit such a modern looking kitchen for someone of your age"  I am hoping it was sort of a compliment!  

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Fandango Square again

Thought I would copy the same post title as my sister  did today because I also wanted to show you my finished Fandango Square, although mine is not taking a trip anywhere!

I certainly do not have as much blue thread as I used to after finishing this doily.  It was a shade that I hardly used, but it is now beginning to grow on me after working with it so much!

My new kitchen is finished and it is such a luxury working in it.  I've also managed to get rid of a lot of crockery and odd things that were lying around in cupboards and never used.   It has been very liberating and now feel the whole house needs to be de-cluttered.  Must show you some pictures of the kitchen, may be next time. 

Sunday 21 August 2016

Small Motif

Well I have just finished the blue square doily and need to photograph it so that you can see what it looks like.  I have no idea what tatting project to start on next, if any. So in the meantime decided to do something quick and easy tatting especially after noticing this motif which Jane has recently posted on her blog.   

I altered the stitch count so they came out a little larger and wondered if they could pass as snowflakes?!  Anyway they will go in with my Christmas tatting because at the last minute I always seem to run out of something to give to people and these will just fit the bill!

Friday 12 August 2016

The Bride

I did not actually go to the wedding today, because I had to conduct a funeral service and could not be in two places at once.   But can show you a really lovely picture of the bride wearing the tatted necklace I made.

I am delighted that she wore it and it looks stunning on her.