Thursday 31 December 2015

Last blog post of 2015

Blogger, as you all probably know, counts the blog posts we make.  If they didn't well I certainly wouldn't know how many I do each month, let alone a year.   I am very consistent and make five blog posts each month, which means that as this is the end of the month and the year,  I need one more, which is this one.  I could not bear it if the sequence was broken!

I have opened a few of my new threads and having fun with all the colours.  These two bracelets were made with Cranberry bush and one of Lizbeth's new colours Kelly Green. I rushed outside to take this photograph between rain storms, so they were not placed perfectly on the cloth!

A New Year Blessing for Tatters

May you always have
A shuttle to tat with
A pattern to follow
Patience and time to create wonderful tatting
Encouragement and delight from those around you
And may your threads never grow less


Wednesday 30 December 2015

Pink earrings and wooden men

Just before Christmas I conducted a funeral service and gave away a piece of my tatting to the girl at the funeral director, who was working with me on that day.  She commented that the piece, which was a heart on a button, would make a lovely earring.   It was rather large so I said I would give her a smaller pair of tatted earrings.  

She requested pink and of course there are so many shades of pink and since all my new threads arrived I have even more to choose from.  

The production of wooden shuttles has come to a halt whilst these lego men have been made. The top one is double the size of the one underneath.

I was sad to see them leave the house, one went to Singapore and the other to London, but I have been promised an even larger one which will stay in the house.

Monday 28 December 2015


This is the time of the year when we could possibly have snow in England, but the weather has been unseasonable warm and there is no sign of such a happening.   The warmth has meant that in some areas the Spring bulbs are beginning to flower, at least two months before their time.   Although the ground is extremely wet as we have had a lot of rain and in the north of England there has been terrible floods with people's Christmases being ruined.

In preparation for the festive season I made these snowmen taken from Wanda Salaman's pattern which you can find here.   Just love tatting with buttons.

The one on the left has bright green buttons but somehow the scanner has washed them away!  I did use smaller buttons than the ones recommended in Wanda's pattern and reduced the stitch count.  Also added a tatted hat and scarf, but it is a really clever idea Wanda, thank you very much for sharing.  

I also made these snowmen earrings, in fact 10 pairs!  I am hoping to find some customers for them next Christmas as no one was interested in them a few weeks ago, perhaps they knew there would be no snow!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Trees

The month of December has flown by, particularly the last week.  I had high hopes of making lots of tatted giveaways to friends, but failed.   Although I did find some past creations especially for those who now expect something in tatting each year and what is more something different!

These are some lovely button Christmas trees, one of Jane's patterns and they really hold their shape.

Our new addition to Christmas this year is a wooden tree which 'im in the garage made.

Saturday 12 December 2015

A Tip and A Win

I have made three of these necklaces over the past year and like to wear them, however as soon as I move they tend to roll over, therefore not lying flat around my neck, which spoils their appearance.   My tip is to thread some very thin ribbon through the tatting on the top, actually I think it enhances the look of the necklaces and certainly makes them firmer.

Unfortunately I can't find thread for the maroon coloured necklace that I made but hopefully I will soon.

My luck is definitely in as I won some thread from Handy Hands and it arrived this week. Love seeing the colours in the boxes and I just do not know which one to start using first -  in thread heaven!

Feeling so very happy -  it is as if Christmas has come early.