Monday 26 March 2018

Pom poms

I am afraid that tatting is very low on my list of projects at the moment, in fact I have only, in the last few days mastered Renulek's butterfly round on her doily. I just could not get the hang of it at first, mainly due to continuing from the previous round which confused me somewhat!  But actually being so slow in making this doily is to my advantage because others have helped with a few useful tips as they have completed each round. 

But this is what I have been doing over the last week in preparation for a children's activity on Friday and an adult craft evening next month. 

It is really a door knob hanger but found it easier to take the photograph dangling from a shelf.

I am using the plastic Clover pom pom makers to make them, much quicker and easier than bits of cardboard or a fork.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Plodding on!

I have not given up on this rectangular doily, in fact really like tatting it because I am finding Round 7 (the butterfly round) of Renulek's doily rather challenging at the moment. Rather unsure if I am really happy with how it is looking, but will try and persevere with it.

I took this photograph outside on a rather grotty table, the light was failing and the colours are not quite true but it gives you an idea how it is progressing. 

Since posting the pop-a-bobbin shuttles on a few tatting related facebook pages there has been keen interest.  This I find rather surprising as I thought everyone in the 'tatting world' knew about them, but obviously not.  One person from England has emailed me to say she can only find the shuttles in the USA, and how much does it cost to post them from there! On the facebook page I stated that I lived in England so she must think that 'Im in the garage' lives over the pond, have replied and stated that he actually lives with me!  

Monday 5 March 2018

Round 6

I have completed round 6 of Renulek's doily but it did not completely lie flat until I gave it a press.  At first I thought the project would have to be abandoned but hopeful the next rounds will work out just fine.

This photograph was taken from a strange angle as I had placed it on the snowy ground! 

It seems as though the pop-a-bobbin shuttles are still quite popular as I put them on a few tatting related facebook pages as well as this blog.  As a result I have shut 'im in the garage' again to make some more. Unfortunately it is a little cold at the moment, but hopefully Spring is around the corner. 

Saturday 3 March 2018

Shuttles for Sale

I wanted to show you these two lonely shuttles that are for sale.  If you would like to buy any of them please let me know. I am also putting them on a few facebook pages so others will get a chance, but not quite yet, first call will be you!  They are £18.00 each but that does not include postage.  The top one is cherry and below is apple.   Each come with the popper tool and an extra plug.

As you can see these photos were taken with the shuttles resting on snow. 
It has been extremely cold in this part of the world, and very unusual for the south of England where I live, temperatures during the day have been -3 degrees centigrade with a bitter wind making it feel even colder.  The weather that hit Britain this week was nicknamed 'The Beast from the East' blown in from Russia and Siberia and when these conditions collided with storm Emma on Thursday the country almost came to a standstill.
But today things are almost getting back to normal, just need to go out to see if the local shop has managed to get a milk supply in!