Thursday 27 September 2018

Tatting Day

Last Saturday Jane and I went to Churchdown in Gloucestershire for a Tatting Day, this is quite rare for us to go out together to an event like this.  We made lots of new tatting friends and saw the many projects others were doing. Also on display some very old christening gowns with tatting on them. 

Neither of us got that much tatting done but we did buy another tatting book Tatting Designs by Pam Palmer and I bought some thread.

And we also met Rosemarie Peel, although Jane had seen her before, but this was the first time for me, she is on the right of the picture. 

And here we are together - 'the tatting sisters'

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Button Love Heart

I am not aiming to tat every pattern in Martha's latest book but really must try and have a go at most of them whilst the book is new and exciting.

This is a lovely pattern but rather think my choice of thread and buttons do not do it justice, will probably try paler buttons and thread next time.

But it is rather fun to tat!

Tuesday 11 September 2018

More versions of Rain Drop

I admit is is a little early to think about Christmas but from now on is the busiest time of the year for me, plus I am taking a break just before the festive season to go to Singapore.  One of the things I try to do at Christmas is to thank people around me for their help and support by giving them a piece of tatting. If I am to keep this tradition going then I must start preparing now. 

So I thought these will do for this year, the main thing though is when they have all been completed is to put them somewhere and not lose them!  

Sunday 9 September 2018

Button Jar Tatting

I can't believe how quick Martha's book arrived from across the pond.  I ordered it last Monday and it arrived yesterday.  There are lots of wonderful patterns, my first shot was tatting the angel, however I did miss out a few picots and added beads to the hallow.  There are lots of other patterns that need my immediate attention. 

What I really like about this book is that Martha tells you which thread to use to correspond with the size of the button. Even better she gives the measurements in imperial as well as metric, l am such an old fashioned gal and can only cope with imperial and my trusty old tape measure!  Along with the rain drop motifs, that are an on going project, it seems that at the moment I am in button heaven!

Monday 3 September 2018

Buttons and beads

Really excited because Martha Ess has a new tatting book out and it is full of patterns using buttons and of course I have just ordered it.  If you would like a copy go to her blog   The book is called 'Button Jar Tatting'.  In England, certainly in my childhood, nearly every household had a 'button tin' with a vast assortment of buttons in all shapes and sizes.  Most were taken off old clothes before they were thrown away, or there were spare buttons just in case you lost one off a garment. 

So following my passion with buttons just made another Raindrop version and there are more to come.

This is sort of an addiction but it is fun to play with buttons beads and thread!