Saturday 31 October 2020

Lockdown 2 - Hearts and Crosses

So tonight All Hallows Eve, we hear that in the UK we are, before the end of the week, going into another lockdown to try and reduce Covid-19 infections. 

So possibly more tatting time?

In the meantime I tatted this heart, pattern from Martha Ess’s book ‘button jar tatting’ which I attached to a top 

And to cheer myself up I made some 'death cakes'  or 'soul cakes' which used to be given out at this time of the year to commemorate the dead.  Which is pretty apt as I spent most of yesterday in the churchyard taking funeral services. 

May be I will also find more time to write on this blog.  

Monday 19 October 2020

Holiday Tatting

Holiday packing demands making lots of decisions especially when it comes to what clothes to take with you. So a few days on the Dorset coast in England mid October was no exception. At the last minute I threw some threads and shuttles in my tatting bag. On arrival started to tat Cornelia from Iris Niebach’s book. Just hope I will finish when I return home.

This part of the U.K. is known as the Jurassic Coast where fossils from the pre-historic age can be found. This was one of our finds.


Thursday 8 October 2020


I was listening to the Food Programme on Radio 4 last weekend it was talking about biscuits, their history and the British love of them especially during lockdown. Then the presenter quoted ‘tatting and sampler making’  in respect of how biscuit making could have gone the same way. So I tweeted that tatting was very much alive and her reply was “ One unexpected outcome of the biscuit programme is the rise of the tatters! Hurrah”

But today I have some granny squares in crochet, to show you,  they are for a project I am working on, perhaps you can guess what I am making?