Tuesday 26 October 2010

Black is Black

Strange when I was thinking about a title for this post the song "Black is Black" kept popping into my head, reminds me of my teenage years perhaps?  If you haven't heard it here is the link
When Jane showed me a sneak preview of her new brooch using the winsome earring pattern I told her that I had made quite a few black earrings and she suggested that I posted them, so here they are.  I wear a lot of black as it suits me, but these earrings are going to be, hopefully, sold at a Christmas Market to be held at our church next month.  I have asked Jane's permission.  They are in preparation for the Christmas parties many ladies will attend, a finishing touch to their party frock!

The black and yellow ones look really good too, they are yellow beads in the middle but the photograph has taken the colour out of them.
I have also made many others pairs in different colours.  At first I wasn't too happy about the ends to these earrings and I know that it is possible to add a few more beads and weave the threads in, thus hiding them.  However, now I really like seeing them as it shows that the earrings are made with thread and tatted, it adds to their authenticity. 

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Promises, Promises

When ever I promise to do something (and remember that I have actually promised), I try my hardest to keep that promise.  In August I said I would write the pattern down for this necklace and post it on my blog. Well I haven't forgotten and it is half written but events over the last few months have interfered with so many of my plans including this one.  The project has been put away for a day when I can really sit down and concentrate on something for longer than a couple of hours!

The shops are starting to show signs of Christmas and as the weeks go by, more and more shelves are being given over to cards, decorations and all the paraphernalia that goes with the season.  To get myself into the mood for writing out patterns again, I picked up another pattern I promised to write down last year - oh dear failed again!!!  Here is the link showing the gold bauble covered in black thread, can you believe it was December 2009?!

The top bauble is a thread that Sue Anna sent me called Brilliant Sunset and is size 50, a size that I don't usually use but works perfectly with this pattern.  The two red ones are using Altun Basak, the thread adds a bit of glitter to the baubles.  Now it is a case of walking past the boxes of baubles on the shelves, I keep telling myself that I have enough!

Tuesday 12 October 2010

A Blast from the Past

Here are two items of tatting that were not made by me, this beautifully coloured one was made by Jane, many, many years ago. It was a present and came with some drink mats to match.  I wonder if she remembers making it?!  At the time I knew how to tat but my skills were very basic and working in different colours and on such a large item seemed beyond my ability.  Sadly this piece was stuffed in a bag and moved around from one country to another and so has  become a little stained.


This doily was made by my Grandmother the person that taught Jane and I to tat. Again it is not in marvelous condition but I could not part with either of these little gems.  I have also just noticed that the scan is not perfect - it has curled over on the left hand side!  
Hopefully soon I will be able to find time to tat, but this week is going to be incredibly busy moving my father-in-law and we don't live in the area either.  Still help is at hand from Jane!

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Harvest Festivals

It has been busy over the last month with all four churches celebrating Harvest. The flower arrangers have had a creative time decorating the buildings, I could post so many lovely pictures but you would all get so bored with them!

The book mark is one that I made years ago and it used to live in a plastic sleeve, no idea where the pattern came from and I never really liked the colours until this year but they do go rather well with the season.

This loaf of bread was transported to each church in turn as they celebrated harvest.    As you can see it is shaped like a sheaf of wheat and on the bottom there is a piece of bread that is supposed to represent a mouse, although sometimes the cooking throws it out of shape.   Also fortunately a real church mouse didn't have a nibble at it!

 This is one of the beautiful arrangements sitting in a church window, can you see the apples poking out of the bottom?

Sadly no shuttles are being made at the moment as we are busy with family commitments which are taking all our spare time up.