Monday 30 April 2018

Shuttles in a basket

Sorry to say that these shuttles have been in this basket for over a week now and I must let everyone know about them!  Especially those who have requested to buy some.  Firstly though I have to finish the cats.

Actually I did sell a shuttle this weekend, someone who lives only 6 miles away from me bought one.  We had never met before and she just came along and bought one after seeing them on the internet.  We had a quick chat before she headed home, her husband was in the car and so did not want to hear 'tat chat'.  Wish every sale was so easy!

Saturday 28 April 2018

Cats and shuttles

So many people have been asking about the pop-a-bobbin shuttles over the last month or so that I have lost tract of where I have seen most of the inquiries!  A lot of shuttles have now been made but I can't find enough time to actually let everyone know and start the process of packaging them and posting them!  In the meantime someone has asked me to make four cats and I am using the pattern from Inga Madsen's book, Tatted Animals.    They want them in size 40 thread which seems very fine to me, I am a 20's kind of gal!  

I tried to delay this request for the cats, but sadly was unable to. Have not touched a doily for weeks, which is a shame as I look forward to doing something relaxing of an evening. 

Sunday 15 April 2018

Half way through the month!

Time as usual is going too quickly and I have so much going on in my life at the moment. One of the things I am preparing for is a Craft Evening for Adults in 9 days time.  I started  preparing for it a couple of months ago but suddenly there is a lot more to do and very little time to do it!   In the rare spare moments I have, which are mainly in the evening, I continue with Renulek's doily.

This is one of the crafts that is causing me a bit of a headache, a Spring Rag Wreath, only because there are so many strips to prepare.  However, my son bought me a cutting board, ruler and cutter and now racing ahead with a bag full of bits!