Tuesday 31 July 2018

A bit of a set back

Last night I finished Renulek's doily and was looking forward to showing the piece in all its glory this morning, the last day of July. Especially after months of struggle tatting a piece which has constantly caused me much anguish.  My plan was to get up early today and iron the piece, photograph and show it on this blog. However, the plan went horribly wrong when I spread the doily out only to find that I had done the last sixteen repeats wrong!  Really don't know why I did not check I was doing the pattern correctly, but had a feeling that only picking it up, sometimes late at night I just lost the plot!   Here it is ready for the big snip! 

So may be before the end of August it will be finished, who knows?  Feeling very sorry for myself today.  

Saturday 21 July 2018

More Thread!

First I must point out that I do not need more thread, although some projects demand more than one ball of the same colour.  Also not been blogging for ages now because I seem to be unable to find the time and inclination to sit down and tat much. Sadly making hardly any progress on the two doilies I started, so I thought buying some more thread would give me a boost!  Although at the moment preparing for another Craft Evening on Tuesday, so may be not this week.  

These were e.bay wins and paid on average, including postage about £1.30 a ball. There are some fantastic colours in the boxes so quite pleased that I have more threads to play with in the future.