Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Old and New

There has been a bit of a change in my life recently, oh not dramatic, just that I am now the proud owner of an Apple Mac mini, not a Mini Mac or it sounds like a hamburger!   I was getting on fine with it until yesterday then suddenly when moving the mouse over some of the icons in the dock they went "puff" and disappeared, of course I must have done something wrong to make them do that.  My son set up the computer and has gone back to Singapore and unfortunately says he is out now, the time zone is a bit of a problem.  Jane has tried to help via e.mail but now fear has set in and I'm reluctant to press anything else!

So fiddling with a new computer and a new camera has not given me much time to do any tatting but I did manage to make one of Jane's flurry snowflakes.  Yes a new camera as well, so the quality of the photographs that I post on this blog should now improve.  


And the "old" well these are some beads that I purchased in the last few weeks, the ones on the far right are from e.bay and were sold as broken, they are glass and look "vintage".  The others beads are mainly plastic, some I got from the tip when I was with Jane and the others from my local tip, it was a surprise to see them as usually there isn't much to purchase when visiting the one in my area.  They are to be used in tatting, well at least that is my aim!


  1. I did the same thing when I had my mac - I tried to be 'clever' and made a right mess of my filing system. We all do it, lass. I'm sure it'll sort itself out. Love the blue beads on the left of the picture. Glad you managed the flurry too!!!

  2. The Mac will become easier! There is a Help at the top- select and type your question. They aren't gone; you might find them under applications. I run a Mac for our church service (project) and one of my people did this, too. It's easily fixed!

  3. Thanks Ellie that is most reassuring

  4. Just love your Flury and the colour works out lovely! will have to put that on my to do list

  5. Oh Ho! I have my mac set so the icons are all on the left and hidden until I move the cursor over there and up they pop. So no'll get it sorted out. There are all sorts of tutorials on your mac…go to spotlight and just type in the tutorial you want/need.
    I just love my new cocoabolo redwood pop a bobbin! The design in the wood (grain) is just beautiful. Loyal suggested I keep the extra "pegs" in the refrigerator since we live in such a dry climate and wood tends to shrink. Not a bad idea I guess, but I've not have any shrinkage as yet. He even talked about a 'humidor' for my wooden shuttles. LOL (he is very thoughtful)

    He is rather sad today, having taken our Yorkie to the vet ~ had to have her put down finally. When he was about to bury her, it came a deluge (he said God was crying for Sara ~ he is a romantic). But she is in her place now, in the little wooden box he fashioned for her. He was really choked up and held her as she passed. She was his walking companion during his cardiac events ~ he loved those little dogs.

    Flurry looks great!

  6. Thats a good idea Bev a tutorial, thanks will try.
    Pleased you like your pop a bobbin shuttle, agree the grain is beautiful and yes it does deserve special treatment!
    Very sad to hear about your Yorkie. Dogs are such wonderful companions so much part of the family, but no one likes to see an animal suffer. What an awful day yesterday was for you both.

  7. The flurry is lovely, Sally. I notice that the 6 points are all blue, is this just how the variegated thread worked out, or did you use a plain blue as well? It is very effective.

  8. Well spotted Wendy, you are right I used a plain blue thread with the variegated.


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