Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pew Ends

You may remember back in February I started to make some button flowers to hang from the window sills of the church.  Well another idea is to use them on the ends of the pews as they show up better against the dark wood.

The project is very slow, especially when I give the ones I have already made away! Fortunately the 'flower and fabrics' display for which they are intended, isn't until July, but time marches on.   What you see on the chair is the work so far.

Yesterday I visited the church to get an idea of what they will look like once finished, the sun was streaming in through the window when I took this photograph, so it is not brilliant.

The ribbon is very light so there is curtain weights at the bottom and a huge glass button which I managed to buy very cheaply from a charity shop last week.  The shop is situated at the back of the village hall and last week there were local elections, the polling station was in the hall itself, so it was easy to go and have a look in the shop.  Unlike the High Street charity shops it sells odd things like buttons and craft materials and is a bit like an Aladdin's Cave in that respect.  Must remember to go there more often.  These glass buttons are very heavy and they must be at least 50 yrs old.

Be sure to watch out for my next post in which there will be a give-away as it marks another milestone. 


  1. Do the ribbons just hang over the pew end, or is there something they're attached to? I think it's a fabulous idea!

  2. Thanks Bonnie.
    Diane there is a metal clip at the top which I purchased as a outdoor tablecloth clip to keep the cloth from blowing away! But I did have to bend it to fit over the pew.

  3. Elegant ecclesiTATical encouragement for potential converts...
    Fox : )

  4. Very pretty flowers, I have the same question how are you going to hang the ribbon on the pews are you going to tie them on with a bow.


  5. Does your church know how lucky they are to have you there? These are gorgeous - and a lot of work (and love).

  6. Intrinsic beauty, Fox! - with no ulterior motive, and the flowers are wonderful. Pious pulchritude, in fact......

  7. They are really gorgeous and will look great when put up!

  8. Those look so wonderful. You've done beautiful work here.

  9. Great idea for the pew ends, i bet they have been much admired,


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