Saturday 21 January 2012

Necklace and progress on Font

My first attempt at a pattern from Marilee Rockley's book Tatted Jewelry which Sue Anna kindly sent to me.  The aim was to start with a pair of earrings, but instead I went straight to the necklace featured on the front cover called "Newcastle Necklace" I was intrigued at the name of this necklace as we have a city of Newcastle in England, perhaps Marilee can tell us what prompted her to name the necklace as I am sure it had nothing to do with England.  I think I might rename mine "Celtic Dream" only because the charm looks celtic and of course it is green for Ireland.  Actually I had little choice on the colour as apart from some HDT which I am saving for the other necklace in the book, I only had green in 10 that was usable, the border was the combination of two threads.  The charm was also the only one I had in my stash so hopefully it does not look too out of place.

As promised this is the progress on the font, designed by us, we had the plans drawn up for it by a qualified architect.  They were then submitted to the diocese and had to be approved by them with a proper signed and sealed document.  Before this final approval was given a notice was posted in church for a period of time so that if anyone has any objections they had a chance to put them forward.  There were no objections so work has commenced.

The font was going to be made out of this mahogany originally purchased for coffins but there was a change of plan which I will explain when the font is finished as it has a lovely story behind it. The piece of wood you can see on the top is going to be turned into a knob for the lid, it has nothing to do with the other wood as it comes from a table leg!  


  1. No wonder there were no objections! It is going to be wonderful.

    Lovely work on the necklace. Very ambitious. I am afraid to tat anything in that book!
    Fox : )

  2. The font looks just right for 'dunking' babies in - they won't need swimming aids either! Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Lovely necklace too. I like the charm.

  3. Excellent post! You did a great job on Marilee's "Newcastle necklace"! Being part-Irish, naturally I like your alternate name for it, and I also like the charm! (It is ironic that Marilee would name it Newcastle!)

    And I am SO IMPRESSED with the Baptismal font! Your husband has so much talent! Wonderful design and workmanship!

    I believe you've switched to the pop-up comment form at the moment. Thanks for doing that until the problem is solved!

  4. the necklace with the little finding is brilliant! interesting name - do find out how it was named. :)

  5. Thank you for posting the photograph of the font, an
    inspirational design. Looking forward to seeing it when completed.

    Is your DH a 'chippy' by trade?

  6. Thanks so much for your compliments on the necklace and font.

    Yes Kathy I have changed to the pop-up comments as I read somewhere that it might solve the problem which seems to be hitting blogger at the moment.

    Anne my hsuband is not a chippy by trade, he learnt woodwork from his grandfather many years ago. He works in a hospital servicing and repairing electronic medical equipment.

  7. You've done a beautiful job with the necklace! We have a Newcastle Road close by. I think it's a pretty common name around here for roads and towns. There is a town in Indiana by that name too.

  8. Beautiful job of tatting the necklace in those wonderful greens!
    To clarify why I called the pattern "Newcastle": it's only because the first version that I did had a recycled bottle cap for the charm at the center. The bottle cap had "Newcastle" on the back of it. I think it came from a bottle of ale or beer.

  9. Thanks Marilee, many people wanted to know why you called the Newcastle. There is a famous beer called "Newcastle Brown Ale" - so that is probably where it orginated from, interesting.

  10. Very nice job on necklace. I am working on the other necklace in Marilee's book. It hasn't got the better of me but it is working on it! lol.
    Love the wood font. Look forward to a picture when done.


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