Wednesday 22 May 2013

Outfit complete

With the addition of earrings (the findings have to be attached) plus shoe embellishments the outfit I plan to wear in Singapore and possibly Malaysia is now complete with all its tatting.

One of the next things I need to do very soon is change some currency and yes look for that passport!

I decided that a skirt which was about 36 years old had to really go, especially as the waist was only 26 inches!  Yikes was I really that slim once upon a time?  So I sold this patchwork skirt on e.bay.  The last and probably only time I wore it was in a hotel in Hong Kong when we went to see a show.  In fact I probably made it whilst living in Hong Kong.

On Friday we are going back to our home town and of course I will be staying with Jane and delivering some pop-a-bobbin shuttles.


  1. Hi Sally,

    What a beautiful shade of blue your jewellery is. I especially love the earrings. Have you time to produce a close up of them please?

    Don't know when you are leaving, but have a super time.

  2. Your outfit will be stunning.
    That is an interesting skirt. The material looks familiar to some I had years ago. Glad you were able to sell it.

  3. You must show us a picture of yourself, all dressed up in your finery! Enjoy the special time with your son - and will you be seeing Jon when you are in Malaysia?

  4. Very clever header, with the names of the woods of the shuttles!
    And I love the shoe embellishments (great idea) and earrings! Everything is perfect!
    That's a lovely skirt, and I'm sure the buyer will enjoy it.

  5. Wowie, those shoes are fantastic!!!!! Did you sew the motifs on or glue them or, better yet, are they interchangeable? (I see great potential here.)

    Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  6. Love the shoe embellishment, what a good idea! Great that you were able to sell your skirt, someone else will be able to enjoy it. Have a fabulous trip!!

  7. Beautiful set of tatting, lovely colours and the shoes look brilliant.
    Lovely shirt, I hope the new owner enjoys it.
    Have a great trip and hope everything goes well at the wedding.


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