Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mrs Odum's Daisy

A few days ago I posted three parcels to the USA, all in connection with tatting, so I hope the recipients enjoy receiving their shuttles and other bits and pieces.  Because these parcels were international the Post Office here in England is getting very much stricter about the contents. Because of this I decided that unfortunately it would unwise to put  any red sunflower seeds in them, which was my original plan.  

On many blogs it is evident that  Christmas is coming and the usual tatting related items are being shown. I find it interesting to see the wonderful variety, even from year to year, that people produce with their shuttles and thread.  This little gem was on Jane's blog three weeks ago Mrs Odums daisy (see also link to Elizabeth's blog) , and therefore I had to have a go at it before Christmas tatting set in! 

For the centre I used  little rings from a bracelet they are slightly smaller than the rings from the toothbrushes, but work well and I plan to use them on other patterns especially if they call for a ring in the centre.  By covering a ring it is possible to move onto the next row with a split ring so avoiding a join and also the centre is much firmer.

The next batch of shuttles have now arrived at Jane's house (my sister), she needs to sort them and list them and they will be put into her shop very soon.


  1. That's a great idea for the middle of the daisy. Yes, shuttles have arrived, been sorted and are ready to go 'live'!!!! Will blog them in a few day's time!!!

  2. What a great idea to use a covered ring for the center ring. It give it a more substantial look.

  3. Yes, really good idea to put a covered ring in the middle. The rings look like a pretty bracelet on their own. I know there are a lot of folk hoping for a shuttle, so I'm sure they'll go in a flash and a blur.

  4. Lovely Daisy, I do like this pattern and so many colour combinations that can be done.

  5. love the ring thing too! great idea!


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