Wednesday 12 February 2014

Doily Progress

I am absolutely hooked on this pattern from Renulek and was intrigued to know what 'Wiosna' meant, the name she has given for the pattern.  So enlisted the help of Google translate and it appears to mean 'Spring' but please correct me if I am wrong, those of you who can understand Polish.

Today Renulek has posted the final round on her blog, but there is no way I will be able to finish either of these pieces until possibly after the weekend.

The size of the doily or mat (not sure what the difference is) is not enormous as first feared, but just right in order to make a statement before getting bored and fed up with tatting it!   

I used some old Coats thread for the grey one and Manuela thread for the pink one which has come out slightly smaller. 


  1. Both look gorgeous. I'm so really tempted...

  2. Yes :) this is Spring :)))
    very nice napkins and colors :)

  3. those look very nice Renulek does awesome work.

  4. Very pretty thread colors, and perfect tension on those center chains.


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