Sunday 11 May 2014

A little peep at some shuttles

There will be quite a few shuttles for sale in Jane's Etsy shop next Saturday, amongst them will be some flat shuttles made from Ash and Sycamore.  I have also  pyrographied patterns on them and the points of the shuttles could be used as a picot gauge as the marks are graduated.

There are also some new woods in this batch, here is one of them - spalted beech.  We think the markings were caused by the tree at some point being diseased.

Last year a tree outside one of the churches shed a few branches in the storms. Whenever this happens the Vicar rings me up so that we can go and collect the wood as soon as possible.  The branches came off a giant sequoia tree and as you can see the wood is really red in the middle and the shuttles have a pinkish tinge.

Anyway go over to Jane's blog tomorrow to hear more about all the shuttles that will be for sale.


  1. What a good idea to put picot graduation marks on the shuttle itself! Less clutter to carry around!

  2. lovely pieces and looks like you having fun!

  3. Clever you! That flat shuttle is pretty and also an ingenious tatting tool. It will last far longer than those tattooed dots I had that lasted all of two weeks! : ))

  4. I so want some of these beautiful shuttles! I sure hope I remember to shop when they're available.

  5. Those woods look pretty. And make such pretty shuttles, too! Nice work on the flat one.


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