Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Bell

Well all the shuttles have been sold and there are only the tree thread holders left in Jane's shop.  The shuttles are now jumping on aeroplanes and travelling all over the world, such a lovely thought and I hope they enjoy their new homes.

Watch out for a give-away which I hope to do soon,  a sort of thank you to all who follow this blog and those who have bought shuttles.

I am trying to get some Christmas tatting done and found this lovely bell from Renulek,  What I did not realise was that by using 20 thread it comes out quite large I also put some sparkly beads on it


  1. How very, very pretty! I love it!

  2. The shuttles really go in a flash and a blurr - well done!! The bell is very pretty, I like the added beads.

  3. Pretty. The beads look like ice-covered picots.

  4. This is a wonderful design by Renulek, and I've been wanting to tat it. Looks like it's keeping its shape without stiffening! The beads are the perfect touch.

    I am delighted that the shuttles are in such high demand. I've said before that they are of the highest craftsmanship, and tatters are so fortunate that they are available on a regular basis. I was amazed at how many were listed this time (so much work!) but wasn't surprised that they went so fast!

  5. Thank you Kathy for your lovely comments. I did stiffen the bell slightly and I think the beads helped weight wise.


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