Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in England, also known as Refreshment Sunday, it is always on the 4th Sunday in Lent, therefore the day varies depending when Easter falls.                       

The Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century led to people increasingly working and living a significant distance from home and family, and the Refreshment Sunday tradition was kept by many as a day to return to worship in their home community.   In the nineteenth century those who were working in domestic service, who would be working through Easter, were allowed to return to their own communities on Mothering Sunday.  The tradition was to pick flowers on their way home to give to their mother.

Sadly today is cold, damp and miserable, but I have spoken to my son and daughter-in-law in Singapore, my other son was too ill to make the journey from London to see me and 'Im in the garage' is with his mother, so I am 'home alone'.  

I decided to make these button hearts as they make lovely giveaways .  Here is the pattern, obviously one of Janes!

My son bought his grandmother a lovely bunch of flowers the other week and I was really taken with the colour of these roses.

Happy Mothering Sunday!


  1. Love the hearts Sally!! The colour of the rose reminds me of my Mum's favourite rose.... Sterling Silver!! Thanks for reminding me (as if you needed to....) of her on Mothering Sunday!!

  2. Those are very beautiful and look like a bunch of fun to make!

  3. That rose is wonderful! - almost has a blue tinge in the picture.. I'm sorry your son is sick, hope he recovers soon.

  4. The color of the rose is beautiful.
    Sorry your're spending Mothering Day alone, but you do know how to enjoy and make good use of your time. Time like this is a gift in inself.

  5. Ah, great timing, thanks. I'm contemplating hearts and knew I'd seen a heart on a button somewhere.

  6. That rose shade reminds me of ashes of roses ! Not exact, but close enough. And I love the phrase 'ashes of roses' .;-P


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