Saturday 19 March 2016

Gerberas Galore

Not sure if everyone has heard of this flower?  They come in a variety of colours, and can be a flower arrangers nightmare as the long stems often need pinning because they have a tendency to bow their heads!   They are a form of daisy which is why I have used my pattern, instructions on the side of this blog.  If you want to know more about  Gerbera's read this 

The pink one is a take on this flower which I once had in an arrangement

The orange gerbera has a stem and leaves and I used  Iris's pattern but tried to get the leaves to look more like gerbera leaves, crinkly!  A bit out of proportion too, but worth a try.


  1. Hi Sally, Gerberas are one of my favourite flowers, with the rose being my absolute number one! Love the colours you've used to tat them in.

  2. Your Gerberas are lovely. My favorite is the purple one :-)

  3. We have them here and they are so cheery! I love them. Your tatted interpretation is perfect!

  4. These are wonderful! Love the colors and the placement of the beads! Again it's so nice of you to share your pattern.

    Helping to usher in Spring, although we here in Pennsylvania are not having Spring-like weather at the moment. Hope it improves for Easter.

  5. I love these flowers! We've had them in our garden, just not in the past few years. Maybe I can talk Dave into planting them again this year.

  6. We love gerberas here :). Although ours look slightly different.

  7. I think your tatted gerberas are much nicer than the flower itself! - must say I just don't like them, but they are beloved by our local florist, so that every arrangement I have ordered from him includes them. I once took issue with him over this, and his reply has become cemented in the family DNA: he said "it's what the Demographics prefer....". So ever since that day we call him The Demographic Florist! He did , once, after great persuasion, make a beautiful little gift arrangement for me which consisted of a single Iris, surrounded by greenery. I hardly recognised it!

    1. Maureen I think you either love daisy flowers or not. My mum loved them, whereas Jane (she will correct me if I am wrong) doesn't!! Great story about your Demographic Florist!

  8. Oooh, these are Gorgeous !!! Plain solid colour brings out the pattern much better. The center is exquisite !

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! :)
    I worked in a flower shop making arrangements and yep, the flower heads are so large they tend to bend over easily. But they are so beautiful!! :)


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