Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Winner

Thank you to everyone for entering my giveaway.  The winner is number 14 which is  Bernice. Many congratulations Bernice, if you would like to e.mail your address to me at then I can post the prize to you. 

Sadly I was not in Stratford-upon-Avon to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday last weekend but hope to visit soon.   However, I was there in 1964 when the town celebrated 400 years since his birth. 

I remember buying this badge, it was probably the only thing I could afford at that time. Amazing what you keep over the years and even more amazing that you are able to actually find it again!


  1. Congratulations to Bernice! - and it's always fun to unearth old memorabilia, I never throw anything away. Unlike you, though, I cannot immediately find any of it! Somewhere in one of my shoeboxes there are tickets to the Beatles Concert at the old Sydney Stadium in - was it 1963? And even Elvis Presley's autograph circa 1961.

  2. Oh how exciting to receive another gift from you. I have forwarded my mailing address and thank you thank you thank you.

    1. You are welcome Bernice - hope 'Royal Fail' does not let us down!!!

  3. Congratulations to Bernice! ;-)


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