Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Crocheting for charity

A colleague of mine who is a Mental Health Chaplain has sent out a request to the church community asking if there are people who could crochet flowers to be made into fridge magnets.    Having already made some crochet brooches I asked her if she would like them too, as they are being sold in aid of a mental health support group.  The group meets in a coffee shop on a Monday afternoon.    I then began to wonder what else would look good crocheted and was quick and easy to make.    I came up with paper clip butterflies which you can see in the picture, only made two so far but plan to make many more.

The other news is that the next batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles will be in Jane's shop tomorrow Wednesday, there is a lovely selection of woods as you can see in this post


  1. Those are all wonderful!!! :)

  2. Lovely flowers! I hope I remember to go shopping tomorrow!

  3. Love your paper clip idea! All of them are a bright and colourful way to raise funds, way to go.

  4. Soooo sweet I love them all and the super cute butterflies topping everything off :)

  5. Cute butterflies & great idea ! Love the flowers, too :-)
    Wishing you success at the charity event


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