Tuesday 12 July 2016

Stress Levels

Can't believe that it is almost half way through the month and this is my first blog post of July.  My stress levels are really high at the moment as we are going to have a new kitchen fitted, only not exactly sure when!   The process so far has been long and arduous, confounded by the fact that so much other work needs to be done in the room, apart from the actual kitchen cabinets.   At this very moment a heating engineer is fitting a new boiler as it needs to be on a different wall.  A really good thing because where the other boiler was we spent 8 years hitting our heads on it!   But it has also meant that half the kitchen has been already stripped to accommodate the beast.

Amazingly I have managed to continue with the square fandango doily and decided to stick to the colour blue.

Whilst sorting out cupboards I found lots of interesting items, most have now been thrown away or given to charity shops.   This interesting shaped bottle I kept and put some fresh lavender in and filled with olive oil, eventually it will be either used for a dressing or to marinate meat.  In the meantime it looks so attractive.

Also don't be fooled about the sun light in this picture, because this Summer we are only getting a very fleeting glance of the sun.


  1. I like the lavender bottle picture! - and the square is really lovely, I think Diane will love it when she sees it! ( Lace Lovin Librarian ).

  2. A new kitchen! Oh, how exciting! It will be a lot but when it's done....

    Your square fandango is SO beautiful, I love it!

    Love your lavender bottle, gorgeous shape. Here's hoping for sun next week!

  3. Your doily looks wonderful!! :)

  4. The square doily is beautiful and the two shades of blue look so calming. The lavender-infused oil sounds good, and it looks nice in that bottle. I hope your kitchen re-do is finished soon. Anticipation is wonderful, but when things are all in a mess in the kitchen, it seems like the whole HOUSE is torn apart. Amazing how the kitchen really *does* seem like the 'heart' of the home sometimes.

  5. I hope you find the blue soothing! We're talking about new counter tops in our kitchen, and I'm to the point where I've said I can live with what we have. Dave doesn't agree. There are just too many things to consider. I hope all goes smoothly for you. I know you're looking forward to not bumping your head!

  6. Genius to use different shades of blue!


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