Wednesday 24 August 2016

Fandango Square again

Thought I would copy the same post title as my sister  did today because I also wanted to show you my finished Fandango Square, although mine is not taking a trip anywhere!

I certainly do not have as much blue thread as I used to after finishing this doily.  It was a shade that I hardly used, but it is now beginning to grow on me after working with it so much!

My new kitchen is finished and it is such a luxury working in it.  I've also managed to get rid of a lot of crockery and odd things that were lying around in cupboards and never used.   It has been very liberating and now feel the whole house needs to be de-cluttered.  Must show you some pictures of the kitchen, may be next time. 


  1. It's gorgeous! I love the blue! I started tackling my sewing room today... oh, my! A major decluttering is needed in there. When I finish, I might have the time and energy to tackle my kitchen.

  2. Wonderful in blues, I really like that.

  3. Lovely colour combinations. Are you cooking more in your new kitchen? I enjoyed watching The Great British Bake Off on tv last night. Perhaps we'll see you on there?

    1. Too hot for much cooking at the moment Anne, but have great plans! Also watched The Great British Bake Off, no not in that league!

  4. This is beautiful love the to shades of blue and of course the square look :)

  5. Wow, that's gorgeous!!! I love it! Please, I have kitchen envy- lots of pictures!

  6. Love this, your color choice and tatting really show off the fandangoes.


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