Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thirteen and Fourteen

It is strange but after tatting a couple of snowflakes that have gone well I then get enthused about continuing, however 13 and 14 have again lowered my spirits.  Not only that I am missing tatting something that is not so prescriptive.  

Thirteenth Snowflake

The thirteenth one just had a 'bad hair day' and I could not get it in order, it seemed to have a life of its own. The thread I was working with was awful too and apart from its general dishevelment is supposed to be a pale blue colour.

Fourteenth snowflake

This snowflake did not turn out well either, the design is not to my liking and the thread did not help either.

I am hoping to sell some pop-a-bobbin shuttles over the next week, if anyone is interested please comment.  I will only accept paypal as payment though, trying to make it as easy as possible when it comes to the transaction.  Here is one that is for sale made out of cedar of Lebanon wood.

There are many other woods waiting to fly away to foreign lands.


  1. I think that's precisely why I have so many unfinished projects... something goes a little wonky, and I just don't want to do it any longer. I think that's why I so enjoy the Spinning Wheel glass mat. I can manage to tat that with very few mistakes, and I'm usually happy with the finished product!

    I really, really, really want more Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles! However, as I continue to organize my shuttle collection, I realize that I need to restrain myself. I'm beginning to fear my final count!

  2. Sometimes when tatting and it does not go well, I like to blame it on the thread.

  3. I think both of your snowflakes look pretty good!!! :) Maybe some blocking would help, but I like them!!! :) And zoomed in I think I can see the pale blue color. :)

  4. I 'need' another pop a bobbin shuttle too... Dibs on a spalted one??? There are some patterns in that particular book that I didn't think much to either. However that bottom one is superb!!

  5. Hi Sally,
    I quite like snowflake number fourteen. Do you realise that you have completed two more snowflakes, albeit maybe not to your liking, but it means that you are two nearer
    to finishing the book? Well done!

  6. Thanks but you are all too kind commenting about these snowflakes. I don't have much patience when it comes to blocking, a quick iron and thats my limit! .
    Anne I am very close to giving up so thanks for the encouragement!

    1. No Sally, you're not allowed to give up!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pretty snowflakes. How many more to finish the book?

    2. Another ten, I have not even started number fifteen yet!

  7. Thread does make such a difference. I've been trying to make myself use up some thread I have on hand which doesn't have the feel I really like. While I feel good about reducing the stash, I'm not as pleased with the tatting. I probably should just give it to someone who crochets with thread. My satisfaction would go up.

    Don't feel bad about your struggles with these two. I'm not very pleased with my efforts either, but thrilled to have these two behind me. There are so many wonderful snowflakes in this book, though, that even eliminating the few I haven't enjoyed, it's still a great buy.

    I've been trying to use up some thread I don't care much for, but I'm beginning to think I'd be better off to gift it to someone who crochets with thread. It really reduces the pleasure I feel at tatting the object.

  8. Definately how I feel about thread Eliz and should give the thread that I don't like away to people who crochet, however most crocheters use wool.


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