Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas Decorations

This year I starting preparing for Christmas in February, well there is no way I can make the tatted decorations which I give away to friends in the weeks before Christmas.    Every year the amount I make increases, and people do seem to expect their annual tatted decoration, which causes quite a bit of pressure, especially when it comes to delivering or posting them!  I have one more to give away this afternoon.

They are Jane's Celtic snowflake which you can find here.  I like the way that she dates her patterns and can't believe that the years fly by so fast. 

This year I have made a few costumes for the crib service (nativity) which is going to be held at two churches this afternoon.  I enjoyed getting the sewing machine out again, it has not seen the light of day since the beginning of the Summer. 

What I really look forward to in the next few days is sitting and tatting in front of the television, have already decided what next years give away tatting will be!


  1. Well go on - share. What is next year's giveaway tatting going to be? I need to know!!!! You are good starting so early - I think I ought to do that too and then I can give more away. I do like repetitive stuff.

  2. I only 'share' my tatting at Christmas by sometimes sending Christmas cards with a photo of my tatting on it! (This year it's my pink 'layered' snowflake.) I would find it daunting to actually send tatted items! I admire your and others' generosity by tatting so many actual, tatted snowflakes! In fact I'm in awe of it! How lucky your recipients are! And this snowflake pattern of Jane's is wonderful. I like the way you reversed the colors here. They're both beautiful!

    I wish you and your family (including your new grandson!) a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Kathy, I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas

  3. Your tatted snowflakes are beautiful! Merry Christmas!


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