Saturday 4 March 2017

The Winner!

Many thanks to all who entered this little competition, it was so good to hear from people who had never commented before and equally nice to hear from the regulars.   Four of you were correct, and although there was a bit of confusion as to when the shuttles started to be made, I really was looking for their introduction date when they were named as pop-a-bobbin which was 2010, some of you gave that along with the initial work on them in 2009.  
The number of different woods in the picture were 9.

So to make this as fair as possible I wrote the names and numbers on a piece of paper scanned the numbers only and e.mailed them to Jane, she then picked one of the numbers.

She picked number 4 

Which is



  1. What fun! Congratulations to Maureen!

  2. I'm so excited to read that I am the winner! - it was generous of you to have given us all a second chance and it's been fun to scroll back through all the years of your blog. Now - on to the next 500 entries!

  3. My dad would be proud that I had the number of woods correct. Thanks for the chance to play!

    1. So sorry Sarah that it was not your number but yes well done for correctly guessing the number of woods shown in the picture.

  4. Wow! I'm amazed that I made it into the top 4:) Congratulations to Maureen!! I read your blog and Jane's as well, almost every evening, although I don't comment much:) Congratulations to you on achieving 500 posts!!!


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